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Junior officer hears screaming while off duty and bolts into action, saving baby who was figured for a goner: 'Everybody has their time. It just wasn't his.'
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Junior officer hears screaming while off duty and bolts into action, saving baby who was figured for a goner: 'Everybody has their time. It just wasn't his.'

Mohamed Hacham, an officer in training with the Melvindale Police Department in Michigan, was off duty Tuesday evening when he heard someone screaming.

Hacham, who at the time had been relaxing in his East Dearborn home with his police radio nearby, told WJBK-TV, "It was like a disaster going on. The yelling from the corner ... was so loud with the windows closed, and I was like 'this is something big.'"

Having quickly surmised that the yelling corresponded with a dispatch over the radio concerning a baby in trouble, the young officer bolted outside along with his brother. Together, they raced up the block to a group that had gathered around a panicked mother.

Hacham told WDIV-TV that at the center of the fearful group was a baby who had fallen unconscious after choking on food: "His eyes, when I seen them, were rolled back."

The officer immediately seized control of the situation.

"Whole time I’m just telling the little boy, 'Come on, come on, come on, let’s wake up.' ... My whole goal was 'this kid’s not dying in my arms,'" recalled Hacham.

The young officer relied upon his training and performed livesaving measures to get the boy breathing again, which he indicated amounted to flipping the baby over and administering a few blows to his back.

Mo Zughayar, Hachem's neighbor, who saw Hacham resuscitate the child, told WWJ-TV, "I don't know what could've happened. If he didn't know what he was doing or wasn't the one helping, then I don't want to say it. The child probably wouldn't be with us any more."

Hacham, who has only been on the job for a few months, later emphasized he was at the "right place at the right time," and that it "wasn't that kid's time. Everybody has their time. It just wasn't his."

The MPD said in a statement on Facebook, "Great job to one of our newest Officers. Officer Hacham was off duty and heard the call[,] saving a lifeless child in his neighborhood. Well done Officer Hacham, well done. You make all of us very proud to have you on our team."

Lt. Robert Kennaley of the MPD indicated to WXYZ-TV that Hacham "is a very kindhearted individual. He's a go-getter and that's what he does: helps the community."

The 2-year-old's father has expressed gratitude to his neighbor in blue, indicating that the boy is doing well.

Video of the incident was captured on domestic surveillance cameras:

Off-duty Melvindale police officer saves 3-year-old boy who nearly choked to deathyoutu.be

For those outside Hacham's vicinity, Stanford Medicine Children’s Health has recommended following these steps for treating a choking child, which are to be pursued in conjunction with calling emergency services:

  • "Stand behind the child. Wrap your arms around the child's waist";
  • "Make a fist with one hand, thumb side in," then place your fist "just below the chest and slightly above the navel";
  • "Grab your fist with the other hand";
  • "Press into the abdomen with a quick upward push. This helps to make the object or food come out of the child's mouth";
  • "Repeat this inward and upward thrust until the piece of food or object comes out"; and
  • Upon the ejection of the obstruction, "take your child to the doctor. A piece of the object can still be in the lung. Only a doctor can tell you if your child is OK."

The British Red Cross has published a short video demonstrating the techniques for saving a choking baby under the age of one:

Baby First Aid: How to save a choking babyyoutu.be

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