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New study says children are suffering scary nightmares and losing sleep over climate change


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Children are losing sleep and having nightmares over climate change, according to a new study cited by the Independent.

What are the details?

BBC Newsround conducted a survey on 2,000 children ages 8 to 16 to determine their thoughts around "eco-anxiety."

The survey found that 80% of children surveyed said the issue of climate change was important to them. Additionally, 73% of children surveyed added that they experience worry over climate change — 22% of those revealed that they are "very worried."

The outlet reported that 58% of children surveyed are concerned that climate change will impact them personally, and 19% of children admitted that they had nightmares over the climate crisis. And 17% of the children surveyed added that they have been so bothered by climate change that the very idea has disrupted their regular patterns of eating and sleeping

A whopping 41% of children surveyed also said they don't believe adults in roles of responsibility are doing what they should to quash climate change and its effects on the planet.

What else?

The outlet cited Emma Citron, who is a consultant clinical child psychologist, who said that eco-activist teen Greta Thunberg has served as a positive role model for such afflicted children.

“Public figures like David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg have helped young people to voice their worries and we have to make sure that we as adults listen to them and empower them by giving talks at school and in their communities to help them become involved in positive change," Citron told the outlet.

She added, "We all need to support them not to feel hopeless but rather to present to them hopeful and balanced messages about their futures and ensure that they get the right professional help if their anxiety is unduly high."

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