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'You can protect your workers, or continue to support anti-abortion states that rule with hatred': Newsom urges the film and TV industry to do business in California

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is calling for the film and television industry to do business in California, and claiming that the state is a bastion of freedom.

"You can protect your workers, or continue to support anti-abortion states that rule with hatred. We’re here for you. We’re extending tax credits for those that come home to the Golden State. Choose freedom. Choose CA," Newsom tweeted on Wednesday.

The governor, who survived a recall election last year, is currently seeking another term during the state's 2022 gubernatorial election.

"Over the past several years, the legislatures of states like Georgia and Oklahoma have waged a cruel assault on essential rights," the text of a Newsom campaign ad declares. "Today more than ever, you have a responsibility to take stock of your values—and those of your employees—when doing business in those states."

"California is a freedom state: Freedom to tell your stories. Freedom to access the health services you need, including abortion care. Freedom to love who you love and to ensure that your LGBTQ friends, family and colleagues can proudly be who they are. Freedom from repressive state governments that want to tell you what to believe and threaten you with felonies if you don't toe their line," Newsom's ad reads. "So to those in power to make decisions about where to film, where to hire, where to open new offices, we in California say: Walk the walk."

Newsom is backing a bill that "would invest $1.65 billion in the state’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program to extend it for an additional five years, through 2030," according to a press release.

"As other states roll back people’s rights, California will continue to protect fundamental freedoms for all and welcome businesses that stand up for their employees" Newsom said, according to the release. "Extending this program will help ensure California’s world-renowned entertainment industry continues to drive economic growth with good jobs and a diverse, inclusive workforce."

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