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NPR hit with universal scorn over 'pathetic and insulting' article offering self-care tips for anxiety from war headlines
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NPR hit with universal scorn over 'pathetic and insulting' article offering self-care tips for anxiety from war headlines

An article from National Public Radio was hit with universal scorn because it detailed the self-care people might need in order to deal with the traumatizing headlines from the war in Ukraine.

"Russia’s attack on Ukraine means there’s a stressful news cycle ahead of us. The reality of conflict is always a shock to the system," read the tweet from NPR on Friday as Ukrainian citizens were defending their country against an overwhelming Russian invasion.

The article from NPR's "Life Kit" offered helpful suggestions about self-care while sitting at home reading about brave Ukrainian patriots dying in the streets to protect their families.

"Maybe this is the time that you finally recreate a family recipe, or maybe you learn how to make a prettier pie, or maybe you just lose yourself to a kitsch reorganization," read one of their recommendations.

The article was excoriated universally by those from both sides of the political divide.

"The stupidest thing NPR has ever proposed, and that's saying a lot," replied Politico columnist Jack Shafer.

"These people really do not envision their audience as grown adults. And maybe there's a reason for that," responded Dan McLaughlin of National Review.

"This sort of discourse drives me absolutely bananas and I think it is a direct result of media being increasingly dominated by people from super-privileged backgrounds," opined Jesse Singal in a tweet that garnered over 2,300 likes.

"I'm all for mental health awareness and therapeutic care. This thread provides for neither. It's just a lifestyle guide for narcissists," tweeted Daily Beast editor Anthony Fisher.

"Ukrainians: must cope with bombs raining down on them. Americans: must cope with hearing sad news. This is really a silly thing for a news organization to do, IMHO," said Yale professor Nicholas Christakis.

"The Ukrainian government is handing out AK-47s and NPR is handing out listicles about holistic ways to alleviate your doomscrolling anxiety," mused commentator Noam Blum.

"This is pathetic and insulting. You NEED to be stressed and Distressed by atrocity, calamity and tragedy not breathe deeply and bury yourself in pasta," said another critic.

While NPR readers sought for self-care, the Ukrainian president warned on Friday that the fate of his country was to be decided soon as Russian forces appeared ready to pounce on Kyiv, their capital city.

Here's more about the latest in Ukraine:

Russia will soon try to storm Kyiv, Ukrainian president sayswww.youtube.com

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