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South Dakota nurse tells CNN she had patients who claimed coronavirus was a hoax even as they were dying from it


'It's like a f***ing horror movie that never ends.'

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CNN interviewed a nurse from South Dakota who went viral on Twitter after she claimed that patients were dying from the coronavirus even as they called it a hoax and excoriated former Vice President Joe Biden.

Jodi Doering's four-tweet story went viral with nearly 70K retweets on Saturday.

"I have a night off from the hospital. As I'm on my couch with my dog I can't help but think of the Covid patients the last few days. The ones that stick out are those who still don't believe the virus is real," tweeted Doering.

"The ones who scream at you for a magic medicine and that Joe Biden is [g]oing to ruin the USA. All while gasping for breath on 100% Vapotherm. They tell you there must be another reason they are sick. They call you names and ask why you have to wear all that 'stuff' because they don't have COViD because it's not real. Yes. This really happens," she added.

"And can't stop thinking about it. These people really think this isn't going to happen to them. And then they stop yelling at you when they get intubated," Doering said.

"It's like a f***ing horror movie that never ends," she added. "There's no credits that roll. You just go back and do it all over again."

"It just made me very sad"

The registered emergency room nurse appeared Monday on CNN to explain the context behind her viral tweets.

"I think the hardest thing to watch is that people are still looking for something else, and they want a magic answer, and they don't want to believe that COVID is real," Doering said to CNN host Alisyn Camerota.

"And the reason I tweeted what I did is that it wasn't one particular patient, it's just a culmination of so many people," she explained. "Their last dying words are, 'This can't be happening. It's not real.' And when they should be spending time FaceTiming their families, they're filled with anger and hatred, and it just made me very sad the other night, and I just can't believe that those are going to be their last thoughts and words."

Doering went on to exhort Americans to continue wearing face masks and following social distancing guidelines in order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and ease the burden on medical service providers.

'So morally wrong and unacceptable'

Some were angered by Doering's comments and took to social media to excoriate the nurse for criticizing her patients.

"Badmouthing your own dying patients in exchange for some clout on CNN and on social media is really the last straw for me," said Dr. Eugene Gu, a vehement opponent of Republican policies. "This is so morally wrong and unacceptable and also there is no evidence for any of this. What a rotten culture you are promoting that perverts medicine."

Others questioned the veracity of her account given how few coronavirus deaths there are in the state of South Dakota and the likelihood that she would have seen those deaths in her small town.

Doering also noted that there were more deaths in the state of South Dakota than the entire population of her town of Woonsocket.

Here's the full CNN video of Doering's interview:

What dying Covid-19 patients told nurse stuns Camerota www.youtube.com

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