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'Color us shocked!': NY Post responds to Politico finally admitting Hunter Biden emails are real, rips liberal media for ignoring facts

Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images

Politico finally admitted Tuesday that reports about emails from Hunter Biden's laptop concerning communications between then-presidential candidate Joe Biden's son and foreign business interests were actually true. In doing so, they betrayed much of the rest of the liberal media who for months have tried to claim that the stories were nothing more than Russian disinformation.

The D.C. outlet's admission came as a shock to much of the media. But one outlet that was heavily involved in the story from the beginning — in fact, it broke the Hunter laptop stories before the 2020 presidential election — was not surprised at all.

On Wednesday, the New York Post sarcastically declared "Color us shocked!" and lambasted those in the media who fell for lies coming from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, social media, and anyone else trying to obfuscate the damning emails.

What did the Post say?

The left spent the weeks leading up to the election attempting to cover up, discredit, and lie about the Hunter Biden story in order to protect Joe Biden's electoral chances. Their moves were so obvious that even a left-wing actor like Russell Brand was able — and willing — to call out Big Tech, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party for conspiring to kill the story and manipulate the election.

But this week, Politico's Playbook reported that one of its own reporters, Ben Schreckinger, independently confirmed in his new book that at least two of the controversial emails found on Hunter Biden's laptop were real: One a 2015 message from a top executive with the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma; the other a 2017 message about a "lucrative" deal with a Chinese energy company.

Naturally, the Post was not at all floored by Politico's revelations — and the paper took the naysayers to task in a staff editorial Wednesday.

"While we appreciate the support, the truth is The Post's reports always have been true, and it's only because the media wants to protect Joe Biden that they keep referring to the laptop as 'unsubstantiated,'" the Post began.

The newspaper pointed out that though Politico's reporter had confirmed with a "person who had independent access to Hunter Biden's emails" that the emails were real, reporters at the Post had already confirmed the authenticity of the messages with Hunter Biden's onetime business partner Tony Bobulinski back in October.

However, this news was inconvenient, so "the media just ignored him," the Post said.

Also ignored by the media — but "revealed" by Schreckinger — were reports that "emails released by the Swedish government also match emails from the laptop," the paper said.

Yet these revelations have not been enough for the liberal media to finally admit — or, apparently, even attempt to do the work to actually confirm or discredit — the Post's many reports on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

All of this information is out there. Yet the Times still called the laptop "unsubstantiated" last week (until it quietly corrected the story). And even as Politico credited its reporter, it added, "While the leak contains genuine files, it remains possible that fake material has been slipped in."

What part? The pictures of Hunter smoking crack?

Schreckinger called the White House to check whether, as we reported, Joe Biden met Hunter for a dinner in April 2015 that included Burisma adviser Vadym Pozharskyi. Biden's team pointed him to a Washington Post "fact check" — which noted that Biden's team had at first said there was "no record of such a meeting," until they finally conceded that, yes, Joe did drop in on that dinner. The fact confirmed, the writer still concludes, haughtily, that there's "less to the story than one might imagine."

It's the perfect example of how Democrats weaponize "fact checkers" to deflect criticism and enlist social media to censor articles. Nothing to see here! (See: the Wuhan lab theory.)

What else?

The Post closed by wondering why the media would believe a word from Team Joe after being lied to so many times.

"Consider the level of skepticism brought to bear here," the Post said. "Biden's team lied to us but we'll take them at their word that nothing of consequence happened at this dinner. Email after email, picture after picture are proved authentic from the laptop, but hey, maybe some of it is fake."

It boils down to the media reporting only what they want to be true.

"The laptop is 'unsubstantiated' because the media doesn't want it substantiated," the paper concluded. "We figure that won't change, but thanks, Mr. Schreckinger, for at least bucking the trend."

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