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NYU 'anti-racist' survey asks students to identify as one or more of at least 30 genders


'Select all that apply'

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New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development asked students to identify as one of at least 30 genders in a survey to "help build a more affirming environment."

The survey was created by Steinhard's Office of Equity, Belonging, and Community Action and sent to students in February in order to "inform the School's policies, promote anti-racist practice, and help build a more affirming School environment for all," according to an email obtained by TheBlaze.

"This survey was designed by my office to understand everyone's experiences and sense of belonging at the school," said Director of Equity Initiatives Maria Ramirez in a Feb. 3 Facebook video. "The survey is completely confidential, and we'll be using the data to inform our equity work in hopes of making Steinhardt a better place for everyone, especially our more vulnerable peers."

Screenshots from the survey depicting a question asking students "with which gender(s) do you identify?" was first shared by David Reaboi on Twitter and later obtained by TheBlaze. The question has at least 30 responses ranging from "agender" to "polygender" and asks students to "select all that apply."

Other questions ask students to rate how they feel about statements like, "Senior leadership shows a visible commitment to fair racial/social representation," with responses ranging from "Strongly Do Not Believe" to "Strongly Believe" or "Unsure/Do Not Know." Students were asked if within the last three or six months they've "heard/witnessed an NYU Steinhardt community member use a slur, epithet, or other disparaging statement" and how often.

Students were also asked to identify which "equity issues" are predominant in the NYU Steinhardt community, including hunger/food insecurity, mental health, racial bias/racism, childcare and parental leave, privilege, ability bias, economic disadvantage, religious intolerance, cliques/favoritism, linguistic discrimination, and homophobia.

The survey has a note on pronouns, clarifying that "When we say 'I, me, my' we refer to you and all of the identities you hold such as your gender identity/expression, race/ethnicity, skin color, sexuality, citizenship status, education level, age, and position on campus."

"The Office of Equity, Belonging, and Community Action designed the survey in response to your requests for greater community transparency and collective goal setting, and with the purpose of understanding our community's experiences and assessing our members' sense of belonging," the survey states at the beginning.

"All responses will be kept strictly confidential. We will use responses to inform our School's equity agenda, shift policy and promote anti-racist practice, and help build a warmer and more affirming School environment for everyone, especially for more vulnerable community members."

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