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Obama took Clinton's 2016 loss personally, told an aide Pres. Trump 'peddles in bulls***', book reveals


He felt like people turned on him

Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Former President Barack Obama took Hillary Clinton's 2016 election loss to heart, seeing it as a rejection of his legacy, according to a recent update to a book about Obama.

In "Obama: The Call of History" by New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker, some new details about Obama's reaction to President Donald Trump's victory are revealed.

Baker writes that Obama felt there was no way that voters would turn on him and his legacy by electing President Trump, and that Clinton was a suitable person to carry on what he started in his two terms.

We know how things turned out. From the Washington Examiner:

The book details that Obama could not believe Americans had "decided to replace him with a buffoonish showman whose calling cards had been repeated bankruptcies, serial marriages and racist dog whistles."

Clinton reportedly apologized to Obama in a phone call, saying "I'm sorry for letting you down."

Even while keeping his composure publicly after the election, Baker writes that Obama was hurt by what happened. From The Daily Mail:

'While Clinton had lost, so had he. The country that had twice elected Barack Hussein Obama as its president had now chosen as his successor a man who had questioned the very circumstances of his birth.

'Obama may not have been on the ballot, but it was hard not to see the vote as a 'personal insult,' as he had called it on the campaign trail. 'This stings,' he said. 'This hurts'.

Obama reportedly viewed President Trump as a "cartoon" who "peddles in bulls***" after the two met in person following the election. Baker writes that Obama and his staff blamed Clinton for not capitalizing on what seemed like favorable circumstances for a Democrat to remain in the White House.

Baker wrote, "To Obama and his team, however, the real blame lay squarely with Clinton. She was the one who could not translate his strong record and healthy economy into a winning message."

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