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AOC isn't happy about sharing a political party with Joe Biden


She would be an extremist in other countries, too

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It seems like one of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's New Year's resolutions is to continue pushing the Democratic Party farther to the left.

In an interview with New York Magazine, the brash freshman congresswoman from the Bronx, who has endorsed socialist Bernie Sanders for president, said that in a different setting, she would not share a political party with former Vice President Joe Biden when asked she would play in Congress should Barack Obama's number two man were to win the presidency.

"Oh, God. In any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party, but in America, we are," she said, implying that Biden would be considered right-wing in other nations.

AOC's views would be considered 'fringe' in other countries

In her comments, Ocasio-Cortez was pushing a common narrative among progressive pundits and politicians trying to normalize democratic socialists' extremism by arguing their views would be mainstream in other nations. However, this is untrue.

Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, a group that openly calls for the government nationalizing major industries and eliminating private ownership of most businesses. Its leaders have explicitly stated their goal is to end the free enterprise system, which Ocasio-Cortez has echoed.

In 2017, this writer presented a dozen Norwegian economists with a summary of DSA's views and asked them to rate where they would fall in their country's political spectrum. Eleven of the 12 said they would describe them as "fringe/far left."

Similarly, in 2016, the prime minister of Denmark remarked in a speech that, contrary to the claims of Sanders and other democratic socialists, his country had a capitalist market economy.

"I know that some people in the US associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism. Therefore I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy," he said.

Wants to continue pushing Democrats to the left

Still, Ocasio-Cortez also noted that the Democratic Party is too deferential toward fellow freshmen who flipped districts in 2018 that supported President Trump in 2016 and needs to be more radical.

"For so long, when I first got in, people were like, 'Oh, are you going to be basically a tea party of the left?' And what people don't realize is that there is a tea party of the left, but it's on the right edges, the most conservative parts of the Democratic Party," she added.

She also credited herself, and fellow members of the Squad, with pushing the Democrats farther to the left.

"I think I have created more room for dissent, and we're learning to stretch our wings a little bit on the left," Ocasio-Cortez.

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