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'Woke and perverted': Republican lawmaker wants University of Okla. president fired over school-funded drag show

Photo of Yvie Oddly Courtesy RuPaul's Drag Race / YouTube (screenshot)

A Republican state representative from Oklahoma said the president of the University of Oklahoma should be fired after the school hosted its annual drag show, according to Fox News.

"So for the president to allow this kind of action should be instant grounds for termination," said Oklahoma state Rep. Justin J.J. Humphrey.

"I'm gonna call on other legislators, I'm calling on the governor. Let's fire him today," he added.

The lawmaker called for university President Joseph Harroz Jr.'s termination after the school reportedly paid $18,000 to a drag performer for its annual "Crimson & Queens Drag Show."

The school's "Gender and Equality" page described the event: The "show provides a platform for OU students and other local performers to showcase their art and increase visibility for the local LGBTQ+ community,"

"Last year, the show was transitioned to McCasland Field House to accommodate the growing size audience. Last year, we had 900+ people at our show," the site boasted.

All $18,000 went to a drag performer called "Yvie Oddly," an open records request revealed, with an additional $12,500 for the facility rental.

While the document states that no student tuition nor state funds were used to pay for the event, it did state, however, that "funds utilized for this event are from the distributed Student Activity Fees."

"So my question is, why are we spending $18,000 of the OU money, educational money, they could go to scholarships, could go to research, cancer research, these kinds of things that a school should be doing, other research for the betterment of all people, instead OU president decides he wants to fund $18,000 for a person," Humphrey told Fox 25 Oklahoma, adding that "the school seems to have lost their moral compass and they're pushing a woke and perverted agenda."

The school provided a lengthy response, saying, "The University of Oklahoma embraces our commitment to ensuring diverse voices and beliefs are represented across all OU campuses. We believe diversity and inclusion are key components of making our university a place of excellence, openness, and learning. The university also believes in the right to free expression, preserved in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. These beliefs are critical to who we are and what we aspire to be as a university community."

Humphrey insisted that the school is indeed using state funds by way of appropriating student fees, telling Fox News that the "school should not be involved" in drag performances.

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