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OnlyFans mom enlists 13-year-old daughter to take raunchy pics of her



Photo by Antony Thompson for The Hygrove via Getty Images

U.K. pop star Kerry Katona — who now makes money by operating an OnlyFans account — recently revealed that she enlists her teenage daughter to snap racy photos of her to post online.

The former "Atomic Kitten" singer and 40-year-old mother of five reportedly told Closer Magazine on Sunday that her children don't mind her "showing off" her body online for money. Her 13-year-old daughter, Heidi, even takes some of the pictures for her.

"Mums have as much right to show off their bodies as anyone else. I can do what I like with my body, as it belongs to me," she told the tabloid. "My children know I do it and Heidi even takes some of the pictures of me for the site."

Despite admitting she does worry her kids may get some "grief" for her decision to showcase explicit images of herself online, she justifies the move by arguing they would face the same pressure no matter what she decided to do with her life.

"I do worry about my children getting grief, but they'd also get it if I gave it all up and became a lollipop lady — I'm Kerry Katona at the end of the day," she said.

Later in the interview, Katona acknowledged that the money and personal empowerment the decision brings her help, too.

"I say to them, 'What's the difference between me getting papped topless on a beach or going topless on a site I'm in control of?'" she explained, adding, "It's changed my life financially and it's made me feel empowered."

Speaking for them, Katona insisted, "My kids are fine with it — they're loving the money!"

"They're resilient and open-minded and I've taught them that other people's opinions don't matter," she explained.

Katona, according to the Mirror, has five children: "Molly, 19, and Lilly-Sue, 18, with her ex-husband Brian McFadden, Heidi, 13, and Max, 12, with second husband Mark Croft and Dylan-Jorge, six, with late ex George Kay."

OnlyFans is an online subscription service in which users sell personal and explicit photos of themselves to paying voyeurs.

The service can be incredibly lucrative, which says quite a bit about the society in which we live. Earlier this year, TheBlaze reported about a Christian OnlyFans model, raking in $200,000 a month on the service, who argued her faith would not stop her from stripping down.

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