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Poll of registered voters finds slightly more support than opposition for banning abortions after 15 weeks

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A Wall Street Journal poll of registered voters found that while 48% would favor a law prohibiting abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy with exceptions allowed for the pregnant woman's health, 43% would be against such a restriction.

While 31% strongly backed such a restriction, 17% somewhat supported the idea, 10% somewhat opposed the concept, and 34% were strongly against it, according to the outlet.

Unsurprisingly, few Democrats (21%) were in favor of blocking abortions past the 15-week mark, while most Republicans (75%) were in favor.

Just 42% of registered voters favored the idea of a law that bars abortions after six weeks of pregnancy with exceptions allowed for the mother's health, while 50% were against the idea.

Only 11% thought that abortions should be unlawful in all cases; 30% felt that it should be unlawful except for when the mother's life is in peril or when the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest; 55% thought abortion should be lawful in all or most instances.

"Most people want abortion to be legal, but where you draw the line varies," Molly Murphy, a Democratic pollster who worked on the survey, said, according to the outlet.

"There are going to be hardened people on both ends" of the abortion argument, Tony Fabrizio said, according to the outlet, which noted that Fabrizio is a Republican pollster whose firm carried out the survey along with the firm of Democratic pollster John Anzalone. "But most people are somewhere in between and a lot of people pick and choose."

The poll occurred March 2 through March 7.

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