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Principal accused of posting image calling Black Lives Matter a 'leftist lie' — and district opens probe


The image appears to be from a video by conservative comedians the Hodgetwins

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

A Pennsylvania public school district has opened a probe after a principal was accused of posting an image calling Black Lives Matter a "leftist lie," the York Dispatch reported.

Twitter account We See What You're Doing claimed that Scott D'Orazio — principal of Shallow Brook Intermediate School in Manchester — shared the image on his personal Facebook page. We See What You're Doing also asked D'Orazio, "Why not here? Why not tweet it from your school? Do Black Lives Matter in your school?"

D'Orazio's Facebook page is private and cannot be viewed by those not on his friends list, the Dispatch reported.

What did the school district have to say?

William J. Zee, solicitor of Northeastern School District, told the paper he's opened a probe and is "looking into" the allegation and declined further comment.

Margie Walker, president of Northeastern's school board, declined comment and said the matter has been turned over to "legal counsel," the Dispatch reported.

Other district board members did not respond or denied requests for comment, the paper said, adding that Superintendent Stacey Sidle did not return calls.

Repeated attempts to reach D'Orazio seeking comment have been unsuccessful, the Dispatch said.

What is the origin of the image?

The image allegedly posted by D'Orazio appears to be from a video titled, "Black Lives Matter Is a Leftist Lie," from conservative comedians the Hodgetwins.

Content warning: Profanity:

In the video, the Hodgetwins traded commentary against Black Lives Matter amid frequent laughter.

"All lives matter," one of them said, before the other noted that they are "black men, black Americans. I'm not African-American, I'm a black American. I was never born in Africa."

One of the twins said the reason he can't support Black Lives Matter is because the organization's "whole narrative that police officers are hunting down black men on the daily … was built on a lie."

The Hodgetwins also referred to the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" mantra stemming from the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri — which a black opinion writer from the Washington Post later conceded was "built on a lie."

"You got to realize what the media's doing to you," one said. "That Black Lives Matter organization is just to keep black folks upset because the Democrats want you to vote for the Democrats."

"Yeah, that's the whole point of this organization is to keep black people pissed off so they can keep you enslaved mentally like you need them because they're supposed to be y'all's saviors," the other added.

"They're gonna give you reparations, they're gonna make your life better," the first said mockingly. "Ain't nobody gonna make your life better except you."

Anything else?

Principal D'Orazio — hired by the district in 2017 — came under fire in 2019 when a member of the school's nursing staff filed a complaint against him in U.S. District Court accusing him of verbal harassment and a hostile work environment that made her feel anxious and unsafe, the Dispatch reported.

The allegations were not related to race, the paper said, adding that district officials denied several of the claims, including one that they never investigated the issues. The case was settled out of court, the Dispatch said.

(H/T: EAG News)

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