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Pro-abortion protesters disrupt crisis pregnancy center's banquet by yelling obscenities at attendees: 'You don't give a f*** about pregnant people'

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

Several pro-abortion protesters crashed the Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center Annual Banquet on Thursday and yelled obscenities and insults at attendees before being escorted out of the event by security, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center is a nonprofit offering support to families experiencing a crisis pregnancy. The nonprofit does not provide abortions or refer patients to receive abortions but instead provides alternative support and services. According to the center's website, it is a faith-based organization that provides free pregnancy tests, counseling, childbirth classes, and parenting classes.

Attendees of Thursday's banquet event captured multiple videos of the boisterous activists repeatedly interrupting a speech by the organization's executive director, Janet Durig.

According to reporter Carolina Lumetta, Durig was attempting to address the guests about heightened security risks from earlier in the year when her speech was repeatedly interrupted by multiple protesters, one at a time.

LiveAction ambassador Christina Herrera posted several videos to Twitter of the protesters disrupting the event.

One video showed a woman standing up and addressing the guests, stating, "You are judging those who are attempting to receive medical health care."

In another video, the same woman is captured shouting at the attendees, "Abortion is forever, motherf**ker," and "you have blood on your hands."

The video continues with the woman being escorted out of the event by security as she yells, "This is blood on your f***ing hands, every last motherf**ker one of you a**holes."

A third video shared by Herrera showed a man shouting at the event's guests, "You don't give a f*** about pregnant people."

Producer and special correspondent with Salem Media Group Douglas Blair posted a video to Twitter that captured another male protester being escorted out while yelling at the crowd.

Lumetta wrote on Twitter that the protesters were seated at a table with a young mother and her child.

"After wiping some tears, the mom went to the podium and gave a testimony about how the pregnancy center helped her keep her baby," Lumetta stated.

One of those protesters took credit on social media for disrupting the event.

"Tonight, I joined friends (@ShutDown_DC) in disrupting the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center's anti-abortion banquet in Crystal City," the activist wrote. "This clinic, a so-called 'crisis pregnancy center' lies to patients, endangers pregnant people, and is part of a national anti-abortion network."

In June, the Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center was vandalized by pro-abortion activists. Vandals egged the windows, splattered red paint on the door, and spray-painted the message, "Jane Says Revenge."

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