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WATCH: Pro-life activist struck with cane, shoved by pro-choice demonstrators — and cop appears to just wave victim away
Image source: YouTube screenshot

WATCH: Pro-life activist struck with cane, shoved by pro-choice demonstrators — and cop appears to just wave victim away

'F*** off, jackass!'

Video showed a pro-life activist getting struck with a cane and shoved by pro-choice demonstrators who converged on him last week — and a cop who was told about it apparently just waved the victim away.

Coleman Boyd still continued to express his opinions, telling the pro-choice crowd, "I beg you, please, have mercy on these babies," WAPT-TV reported.

What happened?

Pro-choice advocates gathered outside the Mississippi Capitol in Jackson on Tuesday to protest the state legislature's bill banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Video showed Boyd talking to and walking toward the pro-choice demonstrators, trying to convince them that "babies in the womb" are "human beings."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

With that a pair of men walked up to Boyd — and things quickly got physical.

One of them holding a cane was seen using it to jab Boyd, who replied by saying, "Call the cops. He just hit me with his cane."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The other man confronting Boyd told the man with the cane to not touch the pro-life activist.

Soon another pro-choice advocate in a tie-dyed shirt approached Boyd and repeatedly said, "F*** off, jackass," before yet another appeared among the growing crowd, shoved Boyd backward, and also said, "F*** off."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The pro-choice demonstrator who urged his fellow activists to not get physical told Boyd that he's "disturbing a meeting" and should leave — but Boyd kept right on speaking.

"We are shedding innocent blood!" he told the pro-choice crowd. "And we as a people will stand before God!"

Image source: YouTube screenshot

When Boyd told them "Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the life," that pro-choice activist who wanted him to leave replied that he's seen Boyd at abortion clinics "spitting on women" and accused him of being a "hypocrite."

"You call yourself a Christian," the man told Boyd.

Cop appears to ignore Boyd

As the strains of Queen's "We Will Rock You" blared from nearby speakers, Boyd spotted a police officer, walked over to him, and told him he was hit with a cane.

But the cop appeared to wave off Boyd.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

When reporters later asked Boyd why he was there, he told them he wanted to protect babies in the womb.

"They're being led to destruction, they don't have a voice," he said. "They're human beings made in the image of God." He added that "we should not be able to murder children in the womb to have our comforts and our better life ... just because they quote 'get in our way.'"

A federal judge cited the dignity of women in his decision Friday to block Mississippi's pro-life heartbeat bill.

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Profanity):

Christian Assaulted in Mississippiyoutu.be

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