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'Progressive Sounds of the Season' parody commercial from PragerU's Will Witt is tickling more than a few funny bones


'Guaranteed to delight even your wokest friends and family this 2020 holiday season,' the video description reads. 'Get yours today!'

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We at TheBlaze couldn't be happier to pass along to our readers some holiday musical cheer from our friends at PragerU: "Progressive Sounds of the Season."

No, it's not an actual musical compilation in the spirit of K-Tel — but it should be.

If only...

Instead, it's a parody video ad for a fictional album, and in the clip Will Witt describes — and unfortunately sings to — holiday tunes with altered lyrics that are sure to please that special woke activist in your life.

"Many of the classic songs we grew up with are just out of date for our time," Witt tells us, tongue firmly in cheek. "Filled with atrocious things like acknowledging differences in genders, celebrating the nuclear family, and appreciating differences in history. Just like wishing people a 'Merry Christmas' is obviously bigoted and outdated, it's time to bring holiday songs into the 21st century by updating them with political correctness."

He then introduces "Progressive Sounds of the Season," which contain tunes such as:

  • "Silent (Mostly Peaceful) Night"
  • "I'll Be Woke for Christmas"
  • "The Little Looter Boy"
  • "Rioting Around the Christmas Tree"
  • "All I Want for Christmas Is You (to Wear a Mask)"
  • "I'll Be Homeless for Christmas"
  • "The 12 Days to Slow the Spread of Christmas"
  • "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus"
  • "O, Come All Ye Hateful"
  • "Santifa Baby (Hurry Down to CHAZ Tonight)"
  • "Deck the Halls (falalalala Lockdown)"

Witt adds his vocals to the latter, belting out updated lyrics: "Destroy freedom with regulations / falalalala la la lockdown / use no logic and no reason / falalalala la la lockdown."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

He also quips that "Holly Jolly Protest" is "perfect for when you're mixing those Molotov Cocktails," and "Feliz Antifa" is for all his "Latinx compadres out there."

Oh, and Witt reminds us that "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Venezuela" is a "California classic" that we shouldn't leave off our playlists.

He also sings along to "White Privilege Christmas," admitting "you'll be sorry after hearing this one." (Ya think?) Witt then begins crooning, "I'm renouncing my white privilege this Christmas / just so my friends will think I'm woke / give reparations to black children / straight white men shut up and listen / to hear a speech from Robin DiAngelo."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

DiAngelo is the author of popular progressive tome "White Fragility" — a copy of which Witt had open during the beginning of his commercial.

Anything else?

Since "we all have that one relative" with "a disproportionate amount of holiday cheer," Witt says the album is a "perfect gift to take that away from them and level the playing field."

And "Progressive Sounds of the Season" can be yours after three easy payments of $19.99 — and he adds that if you call right now, a "Tax the Rich" sweater will be thrown in for the "small price of $69.99."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Some comments on the video:

  • "Love this intelligent humor/sarcasm," one commenter says.
  • "This would be really funny if it wasn't so real," another commenter writes. "Good job."
  • "Petition for Will Witt to sing some full 'Progressive [sounds] of the Season' songs," another commenter requests.

Progressive Sounds of the Season with Will Wittyoutu.be

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