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Footage shows a Las Vegas teen in a stolen car laughing manically while fatally running over a retired police chief. Prosecutors intend to try suspect as an adult.

Image composite: Twitter video, @CollinRugg - Screenshot

A 64-year-old retired police chief was riding his bike near his northwest Las Vegas home when the driver of a stolen 2016 Hyundai Elantra targeted him and fatally ran him over. Footage taken by the perpetrators later revealed this bloody incident was no accident.

Two thugs inside the stolen car filmed the incident as well as a previous hit-and-run, documenting how they cackled manically and expressed their intention to "hit his a**" ahead of mowing down Andreas Probst, whose daughter suggested he had been everyone's dad, "like being next to a ray of sunshine."

Prosecutors do not appear keen on handling the alleged murderer with kid gloves. Instead, they have noted their intention to try him as an adult. Although there have been no executions in Nevada since 2006, it is nevertheless a death penalty state.

The Clark County District Attorney's Office stressed in a statement Monday that it is "taking this matter very seriously. ... The District Attorney's Office is seeking certification to adult status of the juvenile perpetrator."

The 17-year-old is facing an open murder charge, which the DAO indicated was filed in the juvenile system. More charges may be forthcoming.

If tried and convicted of first-degree murder as an adult, the teen could face 50 years in prison, life in Nevada State Prison, or the death penalty. If convicted of second-degree murder, the teen could face 25 years or life in prison.

"I am confident that justice will be served in this matter once the investigation is complete and the appropriate charges have been filed," said Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department indicated Monday that police are still searching for the second person who was in the stolen car and who appears to have captured the slaying on video, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

TheBlaze previously reported that in the video captured by the second perpetrator, taken around 6 a.m. at North Tenaya Way near West Centennial Parkway, the teens can be seen purposely targeting a white sedan. The teen driver accelerates, pulls up next to the sedan, then abruptly maneuvers into it, sending it careening into the median.

One of the two perpetrators gleefully yells, "B**h a** n*****! Stop talking s**t, b***h!"

Just moments later, they spot Probst minding his own business and riding his bike in the designated bicycle lane.

"Ready?" says one of the teens.

The other enthusiastically replies, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Hit his a**."

Laughing maniacally and honking the horn, the driver slams into Probst, sending him flying.

"Damn, that n**** got knocked out," says the passenger, filming the grisly aftermath behind them.

The New York Post indicated that after mowing down Probst, the perpetrators sped off on North Tenaya Way.

Probst was taken to University Medical Center after the hit-and-run, where he was pronounced dead.

Las Vegas-based criminologist Dr. Scott Bonn told the Review-Journal that the video reminded him of the so-called " knockout game," where punks viciously assault random strangers, sometimes with lethal consequences.

Bonn suggested that trying the 17-year-old driver as an adult "makes sense, absolutely, because this is a particularly heinous act."

(WARNING: Graphic video)

Probst was the former police chief of Bell, California, and retired in 2009 after 35 years in law enforcement.

Taylor Probst, the victim's daughter, told the Review-Journal, "Being around him, it was like being next to a ray of sunshine. ... He was always laughing, always smiling, offering you support, life advice, career advice."

Crystal Probst, the victim's widow, noted on LinkedIn, "Andy was a great father, loving husband and brother. He dedicated 35+ years to law enforcement and worked his a** off to improve his community."

Probst's widow told Fox News Digital that her husband's murder was further evidence of the anarchy that takes hold when criminals are not held to account and police are demonized.

"It's not just about one victim. We as a nation are victims. We are victims of senseless crimes," said the widow. "We all need to show up and show our outrage in the courtrooms."

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