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Racist chainsaw attack spurs on viral pro-Second Amendment video: 'Oh hell no, not today!'


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Business owner Tieesha Essex, a military veteran and police officer, filmed a viral video for her firearms accessory company, Tiemonex, after the attempted attack on 25-year-old Lincoln, Nebraska, black woman Norma Nimox.

What's a very brief history?

According to a report from PJ Media, Essex was moved to film the ad following an apparent racially motivated attack on Nimox.

Authorities charged 41-year-old Daniel Stueck with a hate crime after he allegedly armed himself with a chainsaw and chased his neighbor, Nimox, while shouting racial slurs at her during a November incident.

Nimox, who is mother to a 5-year-old son, was able to outrun Steuck, and authorities captured the suspect and placed him under arrest for the bizarre crime.

A White Man Almost Chopped Up A Black Woman With A Chainsaw While Calling Her A Naker www.youtube.com

What are the details of Essex's video?

Essex's company, Tiemonex, sells firearms accessories online.

In a now-viral message, Essex posed as Nimox in a parody video of the original incident and took a decidedly pro-Second Amendment slant on the incident. In the video, Essex claims that she was armed at the time of the incident and shot the suspect as he chased her with his chainsaw.

"I'm going out the steps of my apartment and I see this dude with a chainsaw," Essex says in the video. "I'm like, who the hell does he think he is, Leatherface?"

Essex — as Nimox — describes how she saw the man give chase and begin using racial slurs to speak to her.

"Oh hell no, not today! Remember, I was wearing my Tiemonix belly band holster, I took out my gun and as soon as he started charging down them steps at me with that chainsaw, I shot his ass," she said, showcasing how she would have handled the frightening incident if she were Nimox.

At the time of this reporting, the spoof video, shared to social media, has been viewed nearly 1 million times.

What else?

After Essex's video went viral, she spoke with Nimox for an interview shared on her YouTube channel.

During the exchange, Essex offered to pay for any firearms training Nimox might consider taking in order to safely and legally use firearms in order to protect herself in the future.

#LivingWhileBlack The Norma Nimox Story | Surviving a HATE CRIME www.youtube.com

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