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Teachers' union boss Randi Weingarten goes off in unhinged interview, says passing parental rights bills like Florida's is 'the way in which wars start'

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American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten let loose in an unhinged interview last week, proclaiming the country could soon be heading for civil war as a result of parents assuming more control over their children's education.

The progressive union boss was discussing the wave of pushback against progressive curricula and classroom discussion in America's schools when she made the eyebrow-raising remarks.

"We've been very lucky in America, and we in some ways live in a bubble for a long time. This is propaganda. This is misinformation. This is the way in which wars start. This is the way in which hatred starts," Weingarten fumed to radio host Rick Smith last Wednesday.

Elsewhere in the interview, an animated Weingarten called widespread scrutiny of progressive ideology being taught in public schools an "existential threat" to the country pushed by "right-wing extremists."

She also blasted many as fomenters of parental outrage who are "exploiting" parents' fears to achieve "cruel" political ends. Meanwhile, she insisted that educators are not in any way "indoctrinating" or "grooming" children.

AFT President Randi Weingarten Stands Up for Teachers and Schoolsyoutu.be

Over the last several months, a long list of policies have been introduced in states and school districts across the country aiming to combat the teaching of transgender-affirming ideology and critical race theory in classrooms. Much of the radical left-wing teaching was exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, when parents were able to observe what their children were learning at school.

Throughout the pandemic, frustrated parents flocked to school board meetings to air their displeasure, slamming board members and educators for indoctrinating their children.

Florida House Bill 1557, recently signed into law by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, has served as a flash point for the national movement for parental rights in education. The popular bill, erroneously dubbed the "Don't Say Gay" bill by the left-wing media, established a widely supported notion: the prohibition of classroom discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through the third grade with scaleable guidelines for discussion in grades thereafter.

Weingarten and her union have been some of the most prominent voices speaking out against the bill and other similar legislation.

"This bill — and all the ones like it — single out certain kids and families for derision and denigration. It is just wrong. Its intent is to divide our communities and make political hay. ... Make no mistake, this bill will have devastating real-world consequences — especially for LGBTQIA+ youth who already experience higher rates of bullying and suicide. And for teachers and school staff who work tirelessly to support and care for their students, this bill is just another gross political attack on their professionalism," Weingarten said in a statement after the bill's signing.

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