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Heartwarming photo captures 'fist' bump between toddler and pro soccer player with matching limb difference


The two have formed a special bond

Image source: Action Sports Jax on ESPN690AM YouTube screenshot

A moment shared between Orlando Pride player Carson Pickett and 22-month-old super-fan Joseph Tidd is melting hearts across the globe, after a photo of the two "fist" bumping with their matching partially-formed left arms has gone viral.

What are the details?

Joseph's mother, Colleen Tidd, snapped the shot after a match last month, when Pickett ran over to the Tidd family to greet her buddy. Colleen Tidd posted the picture to the Instagram account "tidbit_outta_hand," where she and her husband, Miles, document their son's adventures. Thereafter, the photo spread across the internet like wildfire.

Joseph and Pickett had met before, thanks to their involvement with an organization called the Lucky Fin Project, a nonprofit that raises awareness and celebrates children with limb differences.

Pickett, 25, told USA Today Sports that she didn't have a role model who looked like her when she was growing up, but "she became the role model she always wished she had" when she met Joseph. Both were born without a left forearm, and share a special connection as a result.

"Literally within five minutes of me meeting him, we had an instant bond," Pickett told the outlet. "It's interesting, though, because for a kid that young, I didn't expect him to connect the way he did. Even though we both have the same arm (birth defect), it was amazing to me that it felt like he realized why we were bonded."

Local boy meets Orlando soccer player who shares same limb difference www.youtube.com

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