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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene alleges assault; calls for arrest of man who repeatedly blew whistle in others' ears

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Congressional Integrity Project

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) called for the arrest of a man she says assaulted "everyone" near a jail in Washington D.C. Friday by repeatedly blowing a whistle in at least one attendee's ears.

"This man assaulted everyone there by blowing a whistle as loud in as he could in other’s ears and tried multiple times to assault me and other members," Greene alleged in a tweet.

Greene appended a video to the tweet that shows a man in a black hooded coat, black mask, and sunglasses. Beneath the coat he appears to be wearing a navy hoodie lined in red along with a red-billed hat.

A blonde woman is seen plugging her ears as the man directly behind her appears to repeatedly blow a whistle from beneath his mask near her ears. The man is standing so close to the woman that her hair touches his coat.

He blows the whistle 11 times in the first 17 seconds of the 29-second clip shared by Greene. He then turns away and yells what sounds like "Don't touch! Touch you die!" He then proceeds to blow the whistle an additional seven times.

"Sounds like a direct threat," Greene said of the man's "touch you die" comment.

The man was also outside Greene's press conference in 2021, she said.

Greene explained that a member of her staff called 911, eventually reaching a live operator after "several minutes." After reporting the alleged assault, the staff member asked the jail to send out an officer, and the jail refused.

"He needs to be arrested," Greene said, adding that her staff and others at the press conference tried to "block" him, including the bespectacled woman seen in the video plugging her ears.

A bipartisan group from the House Oversight and Accountability Committee joined Greene on a trip to the D.C. jail for a tour, the Hill reported Friday. Defendants facing charges connected to the January 6 Capitol riots are being held in the facility.

The piece in The Hill also references a "protester" who "blew a loud whistle" during Greene's remarks.

The Democrats and Republicans on the tour had distinctly different impressions on conditions for the pre-trial defendants being held there.

Rep. Robert Garcia (D-Calif.), for example, said the people were being treated "quite fairly."

Greene said the defendants had been "mistreated." She said they told stories that included assault, threats of rape, and denial of medical treatment.

Watch video of the alleged assault shared by Rep. Greene on Twitter below. The tweet accompanying the video garnered more than 6.4 million views by Sunday afternoon.

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