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Retired officer buys old police cruiser. It turns out it belonged to his beloved late father: 'It's as if the car has come back home'


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A retired police officer who was looking to find a car similar to that of his late dad's hit the jackpot — and he ended up purchasing his late father's police cruiser after spotting it on eBay.

What are the details?

Greg Barnett, a 47-year-old retired police officer from the U.K., was searching eBay for a car like his father's old police cruiser, and he couldn't have been luckier: The car wasn't simply like his father's old police cruiser — it was his father's old police cruiser.

Greg's father, Barrie Barnett, was a a driving instructor for Durham Constabulary who died in 2007 at the age of 65.

When Barnett saw the listing for the 1978 Vauxhall VX90, which was painted like those patrol cars he'd seen in his hometown of Durham, England, he was instantly intrigued.

He said he began to scroll through the listing's photos when he came across an expense sheet that bore his father's name and handwriting.

"I was gobsmacked when I saw the receipts with my father's signature on it," he said. "It blew me away."

Barnett told SWNS, "That was it — you could have picked me up off the floor after that! The last time I saw [the car] it was in 2008 or 2009."

What happened next?

He immediately reached out to the seller, who was located 300 miles away in Wells. The seller said that he purchased the old vehicle from a government lot.

Barnett said he shelled out about $11,500 for the vehicle.

"It brought a lot of memories flooding back," he added. "It's as if the car has come back home."

Yahoo UK reports that Barnett — who owns his own business — plans to showcase his dad's old cruiser at classic car shows.

A man bought his late father's police car after spotting it on eBay | SWNS

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