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Meteorologist calls out MSNBC for using Bill Nye to boost climate change hysteria over weather events: 'A complete fraud'

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Meteorologist and climate expert Dr. Ryan Maue blasted MSNBC on Monday for rolling out entertainer Bill Nye to blame recent weather events on climate change.

What happened on MSNBC?

The left-leaning network chose Nye, whom MSNBC labeled a "science educator," to opine about the significance of Tropical Storm Hillary, Maui wildfires, and record-setting heat over the central U.S.

"It's very difficult to tie any specific weather event to climate change, but if you like to worry about things, this is a great time," Nye alarmed.

"We have this huge heat dome with extraordinary humidity in the southern U.S., we have these very high winds in Hawaii, and then we have this enormous rainstorm that came through here, I live in Los Angeles," Nye continued. "This may be the beginning of things. And people like to throw around the expression 'new normal.' Well, it's not going to be normal. It's just going to get worse and worse, probably."

Worse than a 'new normal': Bill Nye on tropical storm Hilary, climate changewww.youtube.com

What did Maue say?

The expert meteorologist pointed out the inherent problem with hosting someone trained in mechanical engineering to provide perspective about weather and the climate.

"You know it's serious extreme weather when MSNBC rolls out Bill Nye to drop some science knowledge on their viewers. He doesn't disappoint with a truly bizarre explanation for Hurricane Hilary," Maue said. "Bill Nye is a complete fraud."

He added, "In more than 10 years of providing extreme weather and climate change commentary on television, Bill Nye has only managed to become dumber on every topic. His statements are nonsensical, head-scratching, absurd, and profoundly wrong."

Maue linked to an article that Washington Post meteorologist Jason Samenow wrote 10 years ago in which he condemned MSNBC for hosting Nye to discuss the weather.

"Why MSNBC turned to Nye for weather wisdom is headscratching, considering it has access to a stable of competent meteorologists at the Weather Channel," Samenow wrote at the time. "Nye has created some wonderful science educational programs for children, but a weather expert he is not."

It's clear the network has not learned from its past mistakes.

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