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A 5-year-old boy wrote a touching letter asking Santa to help the homeless this Christmas. Moved, volunteers then made a last-minute donation.


'We were so touched'

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A 5-year-old boy from Denbigh, Wales, wrote a heartwarming letter asking Santa to help the homeless this Christmas season. When volunteers saw the letter, they were moved to make a last-minute donation to a local homeless charity.

The young boy, Dylan, was at a town event with his family Saturday when he handed a special note to Santa, who was on a Christmas float with Denbigh and District Round Table.

"Please can you give all the homeless people fwd (food) and drincs (drinks) and ceep (keep) them safee (safe) love Dylan," the note read.

According to North Wales Live, volunteers at the event were so moved that they decided to donate money to a local homeless charity, Shelter Cymru, just in time for Christmas.

The boy's mother says she is 'so proud'

Dylan's mother, Sarah Martin, said tthe idea was spawned a few weeks earlier when she and her son took donations to a lady who collects items for the homeless in a nearby town.

"It got Dylan thinking about what life must be like for those living on the streets," Martin said. "Then, when we were talking about gifts from Santa this year, I suggested that, as he had plenty of toys already, maybe he should think about asking for something for someone else, because there are lots of people less fortunate than us."

"He started making a card for Santa, who was coming to Denbigh on the Christmas float on Saturday, as Dylan always likes to give him something," Martin added.

Dylan then started writing the note asking Santa to help the homeless.

Martin said she wasn't expecting anything to come from the note, but to her surprise, when town volunteers saw it, they decided to collect money for the homeless charity and distribute the gifts earlier this year.

"I'm so proud of Dylan," Martin said. "The only problem now is he wants to sell everything I own to give more money to charity."

David Jones, the chairman of Denbigh and District Round Table, said that in the 20-year history of the Christmas float, they have never received a card like Dylan's. Usually, kids Dylan's age give Santa letters with their wish list of toys, he added.

"We were so touched, it opened our eyes to the fact that there are people in the community who aren't as fortunate," he said.

The round table typically raises several thousand pounds during their 13-day run through towns in the district.

The homeless shelter expressed their thanks

A spokesperson from the homeless charity Shelter Cymru called Dylan's gesture an "inspiration to others" that "sets a positive attitude to other children, young people and adults towards people who are street homeless."

According to the shelter, 12 children a day become homeless in Wales and 3,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 became homeless in the last year alone.

"These children and young people are living in temporary accommodation, in hostels or bed and breakfast establishments, which can have a huge effect on their physical and mental health," the spokesperson said. "We must campaign together to put an end to homelessness in Wales."

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