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'We will not comply': Sarah Huckabee Sanders signs executive order rejecting Biden's Title IX changes
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'We will not comply': Sarah Huckabee Sanders signs executive order rejecting Biden's Title IX changes

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) formally rejected President Biden's changes to Title IX with an executive order that requires educational institutions in her state to allow students to "maintain their privacy."

Under the new rules as put forth by the Biden administration, gender identity was added as a protected category under sex discrimination. Therefore, a school mustn't treat people different based on their gender identity, meaning that if a male identifies as a female, he cannot be restricted from participating in women's spaces.

"According to the rule, sex is no longer based on the commonly understood biological differences between men and women," Huckabee Sanders said. "It's based on how a person feels or their gender identity. To put it another way, Biden thinks anybody can be a woman just because they say so. As a woman, the mother of a daughter and our state's first chief executive to give birth ... I can't think of anything more offensive or dismissive of the very real, very scientific traits that all women share and that no man does," she added, per Fox News.

Huckabee Sanders went on to state that the "truth is important. Biology is important," and the "differences between men and women are important."

The governor warned that if Biden "gets his way," female college students will have to "shower and change" next to male students.

"Referring to someone using biologically correct pronouns will get you hauled in front of a disciplinary board for harassment," she continued. Adding that scholarships that were once reserved for woman would be open to anyone who claimed to be a woman.

The executive order officially stated that "female students must not be denied equal athletic opportunities or forced to risk their safety by having biological males placed into female-designated sports leagues."

As well, it said "students and employees of Arkansas' educational institutions may not be forced to use false pronouns. The right to refuse to speak a lie is guaranteed in the First Amendment. My administration will continue to protect this fundamental right."

It added that "despite the Biden administration’s unlawful administrative rule," at no point should Arkansas law be ignored.

At her press conference announcing the order, Huckabee Sanders was joined by activist and former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines. Gaines said the governor's actions would "prevent unjust sex discrimination, save women's sports, and protect our privacy."

"In signing this executive order, inspired by our Women's Bill of Rights, Governor Sanders has proven herself a true champion of women," Gaines said, according to IWV.

Current NCAA track and field athlete Ainsley Erzen said that she was thankful for the governor's "relentless pursuit of truth."

"In a world that’s so lost and corrupted, thank you for being a shining example of what it truly means to be a woman. you inspire me," she said on X.

Sanders added that she refused to let Biden "erase our existence as women."

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