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Seattle DoorDash driver tries to thwart car theft by clinging to hood for several blocks and grabbing steering wheel to cause a crash: Report

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A DoorDash driver in Seattle recently attempted to stop a thief from stealing his vehicle by hopping on the hood of his car as the thief sped away, KIRO-TV reported.

What are the details?

The food delivery driver reportedly remained on top of the vehicle for several blocks until he was eventually able to reach inside and grab the steering wheel. With the steering wheel in his grasp, he jerked in one direction and caused the car to crash.

At that point, the DoorDash driver, who was not identified in the report, rolled off the hood of the vehicle presumably to approach the thief. But the suspect drove away before he had the chance.

After the thief sped away, the delivery driver reportedly ran about a mile to the West Precinct to report his vehicle was stolen.

The incident took place in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle on Jan. 20 at around 11:30 p.m., according to Seattle police.

The department recorded that officers first responded to the scene after reports came in of a vehicle speeding down the street with a man clinging to the windshield and screaming for the driver to pull over. Witnesses reportedly confirmed the reports to officers who arrived on the scene.

Officers conducted an extensive search of the area and determined the general direction that the vehicle was traveling, but were unable to locate the vehicle.

During discussions with police at West Precinct, the delivery driver recounted that he had just finished a delivery and had stepped outside of his car to stretch his legs when the theft occurred.

He said his vehicle was still running when he saw someone jump behind the wheel and begin driving away.

Neither KIRO nor the Seattle police have provided an update on the case. TheBlaze attempted to contact the Seattle Police Department but was unable to receive a response before publication.

What else?

Seattle police continue to struggle against soaring crime in the city. Vehicle theft, specifically, has remained a major problem for the Northwest city. Seattle ranks inside the top 20 worst cities for vehicle theft, according to FBI data.

On the city's website, officials recommend that residents refrain from leaving their car unlocked and from leaving their windows down, leaving keys in the car, and fromparking in poorly lit places with low visibility.

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