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Justice Sotomayor mocked over factually incorrect claim in dissent against Christian web designer decision

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On a day when the liberal cause suffered many defeats at the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor was also mocked and ridiculed over a factually false claim she wrote in a dissent.

The highest court in the land ruled on Friday that a graphic designer could not be forced by the state of Colorado to design a wedding website when the marriage goes against her religious beliefs.

The issue was settled by a 6-3 decision that was lambasted by many on the left.

Sotomayor argued in her dissent that there was an atmosphere of hatred against LGBTQ people, but she cited a horrific shooting that was later found to be unrelated to anti-gay hatred.

"A social system of discrimination created an environment in which LGBT people were unsafe," wrote Sotomayor and specifically referenced the Pulse gay nightclub massacre, where 49 people were killed and over 50 people were injured by a gunman in Orlando, Florida.

Although LGBTQ groups and the media were quick to assume the shooting was motivated by hatred of LGBTQ people, later evidence showed that the killer had simply chosen that nightclub because other targets he considered had better security.

Sotomayor was immediately mocked online for the false claim.

"Oh, dear. Justice Sotomayor, in dissent, falsely claims that the Pulse shooting was animated by anti-gay discrimination. How is she always like this?" replied conservative-leaning attorney Gabriel Malor.

"At some point it gets embarrassing how the lefty-leaning SCOTUS justices get even basic facts wrong. Hint: The Pulse shooter didn't pick Pulse b/c it was gay. We know that," responded another critic.

"The Pulse shooter chose that nightclub at random. He didn’t know it was a gay club. This is embarrassing for Justice Sotomayor, although this false recollection seems widespread in many now," read another tweet.

"Amateurish dissent. Doesn’t anyone fact check these before they’re published? Geesh," added another detractor.

Sotomayor had previously made wholly false claims about the coronavirus pandemic in Jan. 2022. At one point, she said that there were more than 100,000 children in "serious condition" and hospitalized in the U.S. due to COVID infections.

Here's more about the LGBTQ ruling:

Supreme Court rules in favor of business owner who refused services for same-sex weddingswww.youtube.com

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