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Drunk South Carolina man gets caught on video stealing Santa statue, but holiday theft ends in a merry Christmas story

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A drunk South Carolina man was caught on video stealing a Santa statue from a Greenville restaurant. However, the Christmas thief had a revelation that restored the yuletide faith.

A man was caught on video stealing a Santa Claus statue from outside the Bonjour Main restaurant in downtown Greenville on Dec. 11.

WSPA-TV reporter Henry Coburn was covering the story, and interviewing the restaurant's owner Mayra Gallo. The owner interrupted the interview, "He's sitting right up there."

The holiday hijacker returned to the scene of the crime – not to steal another Christmas decoration, but to apologize for his naughty behavior. Less than 24 hours after stealing the Santa statue, the thief returned to Bonjour Main to beg for forgiveness.

The man – who identified himself as Melvin – had brought the owner a dozen roses in an effort to apologize for stealing the Santa statue.

To accept his apology, Gallo asked Melvin to come clean with a TV interview with Coburn. The owner promised not to press charges as long as Melvin's apology was sincere.

Melvin said, "I'm sorry. Really sorry. I know saying sorry doesn’t do anything, but I promise I’ll do better."

Coburn noted that Melvin "looked both nervous and extremely embarrassed."

The Kris Kringle crook claimed he was celebrating a friend's birthday on the night of the theft with some alcoholic beverages. He admitted that he may have indulged in a few too many spirits.

He confessed, "Just wasn’t thinking. I was like, 'That’s cool. Wish I had it.'"

Coburn wrote on Twitter, "He said that less than 24 hours later (and doubtlessly more sober), he brought it back. He says he felt horrible, wanted to make things right and, of course, wanted to avoid charges."

"I'll do anything I can to make things right, pay for any damages, fix anything I can, work for free," Melvin pleaded. "I'll literally do anything to resolve this situation in the most positive way possible."

Gallo took Melvin up on his offer to help around the restaurant. She said that not pressing charges was her Christmas gift to Melvin.

In the end, the Santa Claus statue robbery ends in a merry Christmas story.

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