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Teacher caught losing her mind on teens in park: ‘Hope both of you get the coronavirus,’ ‘die a long, painful death’


Overreaction to say the least

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

A New Jersey teacher has gone viral for shouting at teenagers playing in a public park, telling them that she hopes they die a "long, painful death" for ignoring stay-at-home orders.

What are the details?

According to The Trentonian, the teacher is Nicole Griggs, a teacher at Steinert High School in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Cellphone video shows the teacher approaching a group of teenage boys who were minding their own business and playing football in an area park. The incident reportedly took place on Thursday.

From behind a fence, Griggs — who was out without a mask walking her dog — can be heard telling the teens that she was "just trying to save your a**."

"But die, OK," she can be heard yelling. "I hope both of you get the coronavirus."

Elsewhere in the video, Griggs shouts, "Am I screaming loud enough that you can hear me over your music? Park's closed! You will get arrested if the cops come!"

One boy, who cannot be seen on camera, can be heard asking Griggs if they should move their game elsewhere.

"Park's closed!" she insists. "The whole area! Get it through your thick head! You are the reason we are in this situation! You are the problem, not the solution!"

Griggs, who is clearly aware that the teens are recording her outburst, then adds, "Go ahead, keep recording. Who are you going to show it to? Post me on social media. You're the idiot doing the wrong thing!

"I'm just trying to save your a** and save your life!" she crows. "But die, OK. I hope both of you get the coronavirus. I hope you both die a long, painful death."

What else?

The outlet notes that Griggs has been very vocal in support of stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures in the area.

On Facebook, Griggs has reportedly posted similar stories of lashing out at others.

One post in particular reportedly read, "We are surrounded by idiots! Rode our bikes near Kuser Park this afternoon and what [do we] see but a younger couple with their daughter maybe 2/3 years old UNDOING the caution tape around the jungle gym so she could slide. I totally called them out on it, wished illness on them, and commented that it was scary to even think they were parents."

"Their response?" she reportedly wrote. "'We were going to put it back.'"

Jeff Martin, the mayor of Hamilton Township, told the outlet that he hadn't seen the video, but did not support her remarks.

"This is a very serious thing," he said. "We've got at least 50 people who have actually died from it, 50 families. It's not something to joke around about. Teacher or not, it's unacceptable."

Scott Rocco, school superintendent, promised that the school would open an investigation into the teacher's outburst.

"We will address the issue immediately," Rocco said.

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