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Ted Cruz strikes back at 'silly hit piece' that inadvertently exposes 'propagandist' reporter's biased agenda

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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas struck back at a "silly hit piece" that he said inadvertently exposed the biased agenda of a "propagandist" reporter.

Cruz tweeted about the article in the Independent on Monday.

"Silly hit piece that is, inadvertently, a powerful expose of today’s dishonest corporate media," wrote Cruz before quoting from the piece.

The article by Eric Michael Garcia reported how Cruz was able to charm reporters into talking about issues and policies important to him.

"On Monday, I and a number of other reporters caught Cruz in the halls of the Senate. I particularly wanted to ask him if he trusted Cornyn to protect Second Amendment rights in those gun control negotiations," wrote Garcia.

"Instead, the pack of report`ers surrounding Cruz were treated to a long soliloquy about how he has been to multiple scenes of shootings in Texas, including Sutherland Springs, Midland Odessa, El Paso and then Uvalde," he added. "He then went into how Democrats obstructed his gun legislation after Sandy Hook.”

Garcia claimed that Cruz didn't really care about finding solutions to problems but that he was mostly just seeking attention and power. The reporter also said that he was not going to play into what he saw as media manipulation by the Texas senator.

"I’ll still report on what he says from the hallways of DC, because like it or not he’s an important figure," wrote Garcia. "But I’m onto him now, I think. And this time, I’m not going to be his punchline."

Cruz responded by lambasting the reporter.

"So, this 'reporter' admits, in effect, 'I had a partisan gotcha question to ask & instead—the bastard!—he addressed substance & policy and told me what he actually believes.' These propagandists HATE when you won’t play their games!" wrote Cruz in another tweet.

Garcia offered a short reply.

"Thanks for reading, Ted," he tweeted. "See you tomorrow on the Hill."

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