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Texas governor hilariously responds to news of California companies flocking to his state


He wants to 'build that wall'

Loren Elliott/Getty Images

A report last week showed that nearly 2,000 companies left California in 2016, with most of them moving to Texas. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had an idea of what could be done about that.

Abbott wrote on Twitter that maybe Texas needs to build a border wall—but not the one that the government could potentially shut down over.

"RT (retweet) if you want me to build that wall on the border between Texas & NEW MEXICO," Abbott wrote in response to an article about the influx of California businesses to Texas.

Despite Abbott's Twitter joke, his state recently landed a California company that happens to be one of the biggest in the world: Apple announced it would be building a $1 billion campus in Austin.

The new campus will house 5,000 employees at first, with plans to grow to 15,000 employees eventually. Apple will likely become the largest private employer in the state, according to Forbes.

Abbott was pleased with the announcement, and bragged about his state's ability to bring in many of the nation's best companies, despite having lost out on Amazon's HQ2.

"If I can use a football analogy: Texas is like Alabama when it comes to recruiting in college football," Abbot said, according to CNBC. "We get to pick the 5-star recruit companies that are coming to the Lone Star State."

According to Investor's Business Daily, companies are leaving California to get away from high taxes and other business-unfriendly laws and regulations:

California has made a choice: Political correctness, taxes, open borders and heavy regulation over jobs and prosperity. The far-left politicians who now rule the state have found a winning combination: Promise the increasingly poor population the moon, then blame companies and global warming for everything that goes wrong. And count the votes.
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