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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs law allowing the delivery of beer and wine: 'Enjoy responsibly'


There you have it

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed into law a bill that will allow businesses with a mixed beverage permit to deliver alcohol to private residences and other locations.

What are the details?

Abbott signed the bill into law on Monday, which will permit restaurants, bars, or other applicable businesses with mixed beverage permits to deliver beer and wine.

The new law goes into effect on Sept. 1.

Abbott shared a video regarding the law on Twitter on Monday night, writing, "I just signed a law allowing you to order beer and wine from retailers to be delivered to your home.

"Enjoy responsibly," he added.

In the video, Abbott said, "Have you ever ordered food, or groceries, from a retailer to be delivered to your home? And also wished you could order beer or wine to be delivered to your home? Well, I'm about to sign a law that allows you to do just that."

The Republican governor then signed a paper while on camera.

"Enjoy responsibly," he added, smiling.

What else?

According to KTRK-TV, there are a few stipulations.

One, "the booze must be sealed in an original serving container like bottles or cans." Two, only people 21 years of age and older can deliver food with alcohol. Three, customers who order the alcohol with the food must also be 21 years of age and show valid ID upon delivery. Those people will also sign receipts accepting the delivery.

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