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The ACLU offers some truly terrible political conversation starters for Thanksgiving dinner


In case you're interested in making everyone hate you

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As a matter of tradition, organizations and media outlets address the issue of talking politics or other controversial subjects with family during Thanksgiving dinner.

There are two main approaches to this. One school of thought advises people to avoid these topics at all costs, because others either don't want to hear about them, or they could cause conflict.

The American Civil Liberties Union is an example of the opposing approach, which is to force uncomfortable conversations with loved ones by hitting them over the head with liberal talking points.

In case you're uncomfortable with this approach, or unsure how to start, the ACLU Twitter account offered some prompts to get things going.

"My pronouns are..." to start a conversation about the difference between biological sex and gender identity.

"Firing people for being LGBTQ is illegal and Trump asked SCOTUS to change that" for those interested in bashing Trump and discussing LGBTQ legal rights at the same time.

"Who loved Pose season 2?" in case anyone at the table wants to break down a show described as a "drama television series about New York City's African-American and Latino LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming ballroom culture scene in the 1980s and, in the second season, early 1990s"

And, "Please pass the pie, and the Equality Act" a subtle segue into discourse about a law that, despite what Taylor Swift says, is a bit more complicated than simply making everyone equal.

This list is, of course a bit of social media trolling (I think) by the ACLU at the expense of conservatives. Because, as the narrative goes, the problem with Thanksgiving dinner is dealing with bigoted conservative relatives.

However, there is a bit too much truth in there, whether it's a joke or not, as there are some who feel it is their responsibility to fix the wrong-think of their family members over turkey and stuffing. Everyone should resist that urge, as there is a clear indication that most people would rather talk about literally anything else.

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