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Chris Pratt attacked for wearing a pro-America T-shirt — and the story gets even worse for his attackers


Good grief

Image source: YouTube screenshot

New information has emerged following a media attack on actor Chris Pratt's Gadsden flag shirt, which he publicly sported over the weekend.

As it turns out, Pratt's T-shirt benefits the pro-America nonprofit Brain Treatment Foundation, an organization "dedicated to providing support for brain health initiatives relating to treatment, rehabilitation, research and public education" for those suffering from the effects of traumatic brain injuries, including veterans and the elderly.

Many outlets and social media users called Pratt's shirt problematic and, in some cases, a show of white supremacy. You can read more about the criticism and fallout here.

What are the details?

On Tuesday, the foundation spoke out about Pratt wearing the T-shirt, and expressed its gratitude for those who have served the country.

The Brain Treatment Foundation's Facebook page wrote, "We are honored to work with the silent warriors who sacrifice greatly so that others may live free, who defend our freedom, who live with honor and by the word of God. These warriors hunt evil to protect our peace, while those who disparage their sacrifices and our nation from behind a computer screen, pretend it doesn't exist."

"We are proud of the American flag and all symbols that represent the freedom brave men and women have shed blood for since the inception of our great country," the post concluded.

In since-deleted tweets, Nicole Fisher — purported to be on the board of the nonprofit — wrote, "We are honored to work with the silent warriors who sacrifice greatly so that others may live. [Brain Treatment Foundation] is there for any #veteran suffering the consequences of war. And we're honored Chris supports BTF."

Fisher also went on to reveal that the organization had received death threats following the T-shirt controversy.

She wrote, "Woke up to > 5,000 notes today informing me I'm a white supremacist. How's your day going so far?"

At the time of this writing, Fisher's Twitter account has been set to private.

What else did Fisher say?

In a statement to the Daily Wire, Fisher said, "It's a shame that this situation occurred and a lot of misinformation was spread by people we don't know, but it's an opportunity for people to learn about veterans mental health and ways we can support those who fight for this country when they come home from war."

"We don't advertise because we prefer to stay behind the scenes," she explained. "But we have some of the T-shirt's and hats that Chris has worn in Instagram pictures since 2016."

Media Accuses Chris Pratt of Racist Dogwhistle for 'Don't Tread on Me' Shirt I White House Briefwww.youtube.com

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