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TikTokers upset after Gordon Ramsay chooses a lamb for the slaughter
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TikTokers upset after Gordon Ramsay chooses a lamb for the slaughter

Gordon Ramsay has upset the vegans and a whole lot of other people who are angry on the internet.

The celebrity chef, 55, is facing backlash from some users on TikTok after posting a video where he chooses a live lamb to be slaughtered and prepared for dinner.

In the video, which was posted Thursday, Ramsay climbs into a pen containing about ten spotless little lambs. Grinning furiously and rubbing his hands together, he says, "I'm going to eat you" in sing-song.

"Yummy yum yum," he says. "Which one's going in the oven first?" Then he points at one of the sheep and says: "You."

After that he jumps in the pen, startling the lambs, and stalks towards the one he's chosen.

"Oven time!" he says.


The Lamb sauce was still not found in the making of this video…..

The short 28-second video was shared to his 33.3 million followers and has been viewed more than 9 million times. Its caption reads: "The Lamb sauce was still not found in the making of this video." This was a reference to a viral scene from a 2006 episode of "Hell's Kitchen," a TV competition series in which Ramsay yelled at chef contestants demanding, "where is the lamb sauce."

"No animals were cooked in the making of this video," Ramsay added, according to Insider, which first reported the outrage over the chef's video.

While more than 1 million people "liked" the video, several users posted negative comments, expressing horror and outrage over how the animals were treated.

"Those beautiful little babies , what people will do for views. It’s a sad world we live in," one user commented.

"i'm not even vegetarian but this is very sad," another person wrote.

"What a classless, out-of-touch and heartless way to treat another sentient being," said one user wrote in a duet video, reacting to Ramsay's post.

"Nothing like a cruel display of cognitive dissonance. Folks know eat animals, but why scare them and treat them this way on top of it," the caption read.

Another user accused Ramsay of "animal abuse" in a reaction video.

"Do you think that grown men should be teaching children on TikTok that animal abuse is funny," the person commented.

Yet another user called out both Ramsay and the people making jokes about the video in the comments section, NBC News reported.

"Those are babies. Literal babies," the person said in the duet. "This is not normal behavior ... it's not funny. it's not entertaining and if you think animals don't understand us, look how scared they are when he gets in the pen."

Ramsay has become popular on TikTok by posting videos reacting to other people's recipes and rating their culinary creations, as well as his own content. He has neither commented on the outrage nor said how his lamb chops tasted.

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