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Tim Allen is going to celebrate when he sees these ratings for his revived 'Last Man Standing' show


Fox took a chance, and it has paid off

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Fox Network took a chance on Tim Allen's show that was cancelled on ABC, and new ratings show that their gambit has paid off big time.

The viewership for "Last Man Standing" came in at 1.0 in the 18-49 demographic for its return at midseason, and it has increased in dominance to a 1.2 rating for the same demographic on the show airing January 11.

That accounts for 5.66 million viewers and 6.21 million viewers, respectively, according to CinemaBlend.

The show also garnered the greatest ratings among the shows on Fox for Friday night, a 1.2 rating in the advertising demographic.

The popular show was cancelled from ABC despite 6 successful seasons, leading many to believe that the show's conservative political bent might have been the cause of its demise. ABC denies the rumors and says the show was cut for simple re-scheduling reasons.

Many viewers and commentators drew a ideological analogy to Roseanne Barr being fired from her very popular show, although that was a direct result of comments many saw as racist on her social media account.

Allen ribbed ABC through his character on the show on a promotional video after it was announced that Fox would revive the series a year after it had been cancelled.

"Am I wrong, or is it way better on this network?" said Tim Allen's character on the preview.

Watch the promo for Allen's show:

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