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'Trump won,' says CNN's legal analyst Jeff Toobin. 'That's how history will remember what went on here.'
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'Trump won,' says CNN's legal analyst Jeff Toobin. 'That's how history will remember what went on here.'

He's going to get acquitted..."

CNN's legal analyst Jeff Toobin said that the conclusion of the impeachment trial was a victory for President Donald Trump and that the Democrats had failed.

"Give us the big picture, right now, of what we're saying," asked Wolf Blitzer.

"Trump won," said Toobin.

"I mean you know he's gonna win this trial. He won on the issue of witnesses," he added. "He's going to get acquitted — and that's how history will remember what went on here.

"I think history will also record that there are at last one and perhaps other, pivotal pivotal witnesses who were available to the Senate, to talk about the precise issue that is the subject of this impeachment trial, and the Senate decided not to hear from them," he added.

Toobin was responding to the vote on Friday to defeat the motion calling for new witnesses in the impeachment trial.

"The Democrats failed here!"

Toobin angrily denounced the Senate on Thursday for not calling new witnesses and said the Democrats had failed.

"Remember who we're talking about, I mean, we're talking about Donald Trump, who never feels chastened by anything!" Toobin told the panel.

"And so he will see this, and I think he's probably correct, as a victory," he continued. "That the Democrats failed here!"

He also said that the trial was a sham because Republicans refused to allow more witnesses as the Democrats demanded.

"This trial was not a trial in any meaningful sense of the word. There is, we know, relevant evidence out there in the world, there are documents, there are emails, there are texts, and there are witnesses which could shine very clear light on what went on here, and the Senate says we're not interested," he explained.

"That's a disgrace," he concluded.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) echoed the talking point on Friday, saying that the acquittal had "no value" because of the vote against new witnesses.

Here's the video of Toobin's comments:

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