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Transgender activist whose threatening video went viral after Nashville shooting gets fired from US Forest Agency and blames Biden

Image Source: Kayla Danker social media video screenshot composite

A transgender activist whose threatening video went viral after the horrendous mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, was fired from the U.S. Forest Service and blamed the Biden administration.

"I've been fired from my job with the Forest Service because of the lies published by the Daily Mail, Newsweek, and other right-wing tabloids," tweeted Kayla Denker on Friday.

"But more poignantly: I was fired by the Biden administration for being a trans woman that owns a gun," Denker added.

Denker had brandished a firearm in the video and threatened to kill "transphobes" in self-defense.

“While advocating for trans people to ‘arm ourselves’ is not any kind of a solution to the genocide we are facing, I do want to say that if any of you transphobes do try to come for me I am taking a few of you with me," Denker wrote in the caption of the video.

Denker's video went viral after the mass shooting committed by a transgender person in Nashville at a Christian grade school, but Denker claims that the video was posted before the massacre.

Denker went on to claim that the order came from a higher level in the government than the U.S. Forest Service Office.

"And when I say the Biden administration I mean literally that. My boss just called me, crying, to tell me that he did everything he could to stop this outcome but the call to fire me came directly from Washington. So someone fairly high in the Department of Agriculture fired me," Denker added in another tweet.

Denker also posted a GoFundMe account to seek financial support, but after two weeks, it had only received pledges for about $2,300 of the goal of $7,000.

Here's more about the transgender agenda:

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