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Transgender activists blast city council over using police for trans event: 'They kill my families'


'They make it unsafe to live'

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Transgender activists tore into the city council of Olympia, Washington, last month for using police for a Transgender Day of Remembrance observance, with one declaring that cops "kill my families. They make it unsafe to live."

Video captured four activists speaking during the Nov. 19 meeting. The Transgender Day of Remembrance takes place annually Nov. 20 and "is an opportunity for communities to come together and remember transgender people, gender-variant individuals, and those perceived to be transgender who have been murdered because of hate," according to the Human Rights Campaign.

What did they say?

"I am profoundly ashamed that city hall is willing to sponsor a trans day of remembrance lighting in a building that has police, that has humans who are not on the side of the liberation of my sisters and my children ... police are part of the problem," one transgender woman said. "They kill my families. They make it unsafe to live. I urge you next year to not involve the police, to not light up your building and put money where your mouth is and save my sisters."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The next speaker told the council, "I'm a tranny suffering under the conditions you create for us to not live in this city ... I feel like the people here at city hall ... you f*** with people's hearts."

With that Mayor Cheryl Selby pounded her gavel and cautioned the speaker against using profanity, as the meeting was being "broadcast live out in people's homes, with families."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

But that did little to sway the speaker, who replied, "You didn't care [about] what I just said, which proves my point. You're not listening to my frustration and pain having to deal with people like you who are worried about ... how I'm saying it instead of what I'm saying."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The speaker then fired off another swear word: "Just like the illusions of this meeting, like this s**t's nice, right? You get people in a room, they come to you with their problems, you say you care, but you don't really do anything about it ... so I hope, but I'm very hopeless in change, especially when it's in the hands of people like you on this board."

The next speaker said, "It would be really nice if people around [these] parts who preach progressiveness or preach acceptance and want to light up lights around buildings that are very governmental and symbols of oppression to do better and actually [take] more actions rather than [use] words and cheap symbols."

The final speaker announced by the council was named "The Royal Majesty" and appeared to be suffering a disability and was confined to a wheelchair: "How dare you co-opt the symbols of my trans and gay siblings while also having those very same symbols protected by people who are meant to eliminate us? ... I am beyond angry. I'm furious ... that this town even has the nerve to claim progressivism. ... I would say, 'Do better,' but I know y'all ... are doing your job, and your job is to oppress my family. I hope when you go home at night to your comfortable houses, to your middle-class lives where you [don't] worry about nothing that you think of me and that it hurts you terribly. 'Cuz that is all I can hope for since I don't have hope for much else."

Trans Activists Confront Olympia, Wash. City Council

(H/T: Louder With Crowder)

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