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'Dumbest damn thing I have ever heard!' — Trey Gowdy eviscerates Liz Warren


Gowdy says Barr's suggestion in the Roger Stone case will be decided by the judge

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

Former Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy weighed in on the suggestion from presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) that Attorney General William Barr should resign over recent actions by the Department of Justice.

"The prosecutors wanted nine years, uh, Bill Barr thinks that two or three years is more proportional, and the only difference between the two is whether or not you count this eighth-level enhancement for for actively threatening a witness," Gowdy explained.

"If you didn't have that enhancement, then everyone would agree that Bill Barr's view of the guidelines is accurate. So the judge is gonna decide whether or not that enhancement is appropriate, supported by the facts. Martha, this was a trial, she presided over the trial, she listened to the witnesses. She's uniquely well positioned to decide whether or not that enhancement should be in play," he continued.

"But the notion, I mean, prosecutors don't sentence people, presidents don't sentence people, Fox News commentators don't sentence people; judges do, and we give them life tenure so that they can make these calls," Gowdy said.

"But the notion that Bill Barr should resign," he exclaimed emphatically, "is about the dumbest damn thing I have ever heard!"

Gowdy was referring to a disagreement between Bill Barr and prosecutors who withdrew from the case in protest when the DOJ chimed in and said Stone should face a far lesser punishment. Warren said Barr should resign or face a possible impeachment.

"Congress must act immediately to rein in our lawless Attorney General. Barr should resign or face impeachment. And Congress should use spending power to defund the AG's authority to interfere with anything that affects Trump, his friends, or his elections." she tweeted on Wednesday.

Gowdy vehemently disagreed with her opinion.

"If a United States senator really believes that the head of the Department of Justice cannot weigh in on what a proportional sentence is, I mean, there are child pornographers who don't get nine years, Martha, there are people who rob banks who don't get nine years!" Gowdy continued.

"So let the judge decide. I think two or three years is about right," he concluded.

Here's the video of Gowdy's comments:


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