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Trudeau blames Muslim parents' growing resistance to LGBT propaganda in schools on the 'American right wing'
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Trudeau blames Muslim parents' growing resistance to LGBT propaganda in schools on the 'American right wing'

Muslim parents are increasingly joining the revolt against the indoctrination of children in schools by LGBT propagandists. This is now especially true in Canada.

With the left's stranglehold on the education system showing signs of weakness in the face of this multifaith resistance, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, long a proponent of the "diversity is our strength" mantra, is looking for someone to blame.

Naturally, he has elected to once again suggest that American conservatives are responsible, this time for "weaponizing the issue of LGBT."

In recent weeks and months, parents of various faiths and backgrounds have taken educators to task for their promotion of gender ideology and LGBT propaganda in schools.

Just as American Muslims in Maryland, California, and elsewhere have taken a stand, only to have Democrats equate them to "white supremacists," Islamic parents in the Great White North are pushing back.

During so-called "Pride Month," when LGBT rituals were dutifully observed in Canadian schools, absenteeism skyrocketed in various districts. Students staged walkouts. Pride flags were in some places torn down and trampled.

Protests have persisted well into July — which according to the Canadian government is still part of "Pride Season" — with multitudes of Muslim parents demanding that their children be left alone.

Following an appearance at the Calgary Stampede earlier this month, Trudeau took time to engage the city's Muslim community, ostensibly to remedy its growing disconnect with his brand of radical leftism.

In a conversation caught on tape and subsequently uploaded to social media, Trudeau told a father at the Baitun Nur Mosque who had expressed concern about the "sin[ful]" messaging impressed upon children in school that "there is an awful lot of misinformation and disinformation out there. People on social media, particularly fueled by the American right wing, are spreading a lot of untruths about what’s actually in the provincial curriculums."

"Now if you look at the various curriculums, you’ll see that there is not what is being said out there about aggressive teaching or conversion of kids to being LGBT. That is something that is being weaponized by people who are not doing it because of their interest in supporting the Muslim community," continued the liberal prime minister.

Trudeau expressed concern that conservative Christians and conservative Muslims may be forming a coalition.

"These are people on the far right who have consistently stood against Muslim rights and the Muslim community, but they are weaponizing the issue of LGBT, which is something that, yes, Islam has strong opinions on, the same way that the religious right in Canada, the Christian right, has strong opinions against as well," said Trudeau.

In response, the parent referenced the recent incident when a leftist teacher told Muslim students critical of LGBT activism that they "don't belong."

TheBlaze previously reported that a teacher at Londonderry Junior High School in Edmonton, Alberta, had excoriated students for skipping school "because you think there's some Pride activities going on" that day, noting, "If you don't think that [gay marriage] should be the law, you can't be Canadian. ... You don't belong here, and I really mean it."

After displacing responsibility for the incident and corresponding sentiment, Trudeau insinuated that "this generation and your kids' generation" won't exhibit the previous generation's "uncertainty" about LGBT issues.

Just days before Trudeau's attempt to patch things up with the community, hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Calgary, shouting, "Our kids, our choice!" and "Leave our kids alone!" reported Fox News Digital.

"My brothers and my sisters, we cannot stay hidden any more, for [the issue is] … getting closer to each and every one of us," said Mahmoud Moura. "If you're not a father today, tomorrow you will be. If you're not a mother today, tomorrow will be. You'll have a daughter. Or do you have a son who is of minor age? He's so vulnerable, and you have some hyenas and really powerful predators, they are willing to go. They to do whatever they can take your ... kids away from you."

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