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Trump supporter stuns CNN reporter in interview before Florida reelection rally


He was also startled that people would pray for the president

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

A CNN reporter was stunned by the depth of support for President Donald Trump he saw represented by a Trump supporter in Florida ahead of the president's 2020 reelection rally on Tuesday.

CNN's Ed Lavandera was reporting about the kickoff event in Orlando, Florida, for the president's reelection campaign when he interviewed Trump supporter Ed Ardito.

"Do you worry that President Trump's divisiveness, his lies, are gonna hurt him in the long run?" Lavandera asked.

"I don't think so because I, you can't," responded Ardito, "you'd have to tell me what he's lied about, first of all, I don't think he's lied about anything, and as far as divisiveness..."

"You don't think he's lied about anything?" Lavandera interrupted.

"No," Ardito replied.

Lavandera also seemed startled by the tradition pre-dating Trump that Christians should pray for their leaders.

"The devotion to President Trump is so intense here that a recent meeting of the village Republicans started out with a prayer asking God to 'deliver President Trump from the evil that is bent on destroying him,'" Lavandera reported.

Here's the video of the stunned CNN reporter:

Trump voter's false claim surprises CNN reporterwww.youtube.com

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