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Couple runs two teens on bikes off the road over their pro-Trump flags — police catch them from Snapchat vids they posted


Not the smartest move on their part

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Police say that a couple ran two teens on bikes off the road over their pro-Trump flags, and they were caught after posting videos of the altercation on social media site Snapchat.

The incident allegedly occurred in July in Hobart, Indiana.

Hobart police say that a woman and a man drove up to two teenage boys who were riding their bikes and asked if they supported President Donald Trump.

When they answered yes, the couple swerved to drive them off the road.

They told police that the male exited his vehicle in order to rip one of the flags from their bike. He then tossed it on the ground and ran over it with his vehicle.

A police affidavit says they threatened the boys, saying, "Don't let me see you downtown."

Hobart police say in the affidavit that they were able to identify the suspects from video posts to Snapchat from the incident.

They describe the pair of videos that allegedly show the suspects threatening the teens.

Police say one video shows the female say "Ya'll scared, just like your president!" to the teens, and follow up with, "America is not great!"

Police have charged 23-year-old Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones and 18-year-old Cailyn Marie Smith with felony counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness. They also were charged with misdemeanor counts of theft and criminal mischief.

Smith was in police custody on Friday, but they were still seeking Perry-Jones.

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