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Tucker Carlson warns how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 'absolutely could' become president in four years
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Tucker Carlson warns how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 'absolutely could' become president in four years

'If we keep up with this economic craziness, she absolutely could'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained on his show Friday how far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) could ascend to the White House in the near future.

According to Carlson, if Democrats retake control of the Senate by way of winning both Georgia runoff elections — creating a 50-50 tie in the Senate, making the vice president the tie-breaking vote — their economic recovery plan for America would be disastrous for the American middle-class by further diving Americans.

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Outlining his reasons, Carlson said Democrats would print more money, creating more inflation, and give tax breaks to the wealthy.

Inflation may crush you, but it will make the people making the decisions richer. Everyone else -- regular wage earners, people living on fixed income, every middle-class retiree in the country, anyone who bothered to live like a responsible person and save money -- will be in serious trouble when inflation arrives. That's not speculation. It's coming, and anyone who's paying attention knows it's coming.

If Democrats retake the Senate in January, they've committed to passing something called the HEROES Act. Just who are these heroes they plan to help? Not the thousands of small business owners whose lives they destroyed. No, this legislation will help rich people in the Northeast who were hurt by the Trump administration's last tax cuts. The HEROES Act would restore the full state and local tax deduction, reversing the 2017 law that capped it at $10,000. According to the Brookings Institution, 96% of the benefits from this would go to the top quintile of earners, 57% would benefit the top 1%, and 25% would benefit the top 0.1%. In other words, it would benefit Democratic voters.

But it doesn't stop there.

Democrats are also pushing to forgive massive amounts of student loan debt if they have control of the House, Senate, and White House, which, according to Carlson, "would disproportionately help the most privileged in America, i.e., Democratic voters."

The Democratic Party's economic vision is problematic, Carlson said, because it enriches the wealthy on the backs of the middle-class that "discredits" capitalism and emboldens socialists.

"They are giving capitalism a bad name because what they're participating in is not a free, open market economy. It's a closed game, run for their benefit and their benefit alone. Long-term, this is a disaster for all of us and not even so far in the future," Carlson said.

Such a "volatile society" paves the way for lawmakers like Ocasio-Cortez — whom Carlson referred to as "Sandy Cortez" — to seize power."

"In four years. for example, Sandy Cortez will be eligible to run for president. Now, you may laugh at Sandy Cortez, and you should. She's a vacuous idiot, another rich-girl narcissist with an overheated Twitter account," Carlson said.

"But that doesn't mean she couldn't win. If we keep up with this economic craziness, she absolutely could," he added.

Is there a solution?

Aside from stopping Democrats from controlling the White House and Capitol Hill, Carlson floated the possibility of enacting a "one-time COVID fee" against corporations that have financially benefited during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Here's another idea: Why not make the people who benefited the most from the lockdown pay for the effects of those lockdowns?" Carlson suggested, citing Amazon, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Google, Netflix, Walmart, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

"While we're at it, why not make Harvard and Yale and Stanford and Princeton use their endowments to pay off some of the student debt they caused?" Carlson went on to say. "There's no reason ordinary taxpayers should be on the hook for their spending."

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