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TV reporter canned after climbing on a classic car — and dooring another — during live broadcast


'Oh! I hit that other car!'

Image source: KMAX-TV video screenshot

A California television reporter has been handed his walking papers, after committing several major no-no's during a live broadcast from an auto show over the weekend.

What are the details?

On Sunday, KMAX-TV's "Good Day Sacremento" cut to reporter Angel Cardenas, who was covering the Sacramento International Auto Show before it opened to the public.

Cardenas told his colleagues back at the station that we was "just completely winging it," adding, "no one is out here to tell me which car I can't go in — 'cause, you know, some of these are off limits."

The reporter then proceeded to climb onto the trunk of a yellow Thunderbird convertible, lounging across it with one of his shoes flatly on the pristine paint job, the New York Daily News reported.

After that, Cardenas went to open the door of a nearby pink 1975 T-Bird, and accidently doored a green classic Thunderbird parked next to it, declaring, "Oh! I hit that other car!"

"Nobody's looking!" he added.

At the end of the brief segment, Cardenas also climbed onto the hood of a brand new Ford Explorer, before being told to get off the vehicle.

Stacey Castle Bascom, the producer of the car show, reportedly told the Sacramento Bee that KMAX confirmed to her on Monday that Cardenas had been fired by the station.

Bascom said that no damage was found on the vehicles Cardenas messed with, but the show's producers were still furious over the reporter's antics.

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