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On D-Day anniversary, Democrat running for Florida attorney general tweets, 'My great grandparents died in Nazi Germany. I know a fascist when I see one. Ron DeSantis is a fascist'

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Daniel Uhlfelder, a lawyer who is running in the Democratic primary for Florida attorney general, is calling Gov. Ron DeSantis "a fascist."

"My great grandparents died in Nazi Germany. I know a fascist when I see one. Ron DeSantis is a fascist," Uhlfelder tweeted on June 6, which is the anniversary of the historic D-Day invasion carried out by Allied forces during World War II in 1944.

"We can't allow fascism to fester. That’s why we have to get rid of Ron DeSantis and his sidekick Attorney General," Uhlfelder added in another tweet, while soliciting campaign donations.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican who has become a tremendously popular figure among conservatives, and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, who is also a Republican, are both seeking re-election this year.

"Politicians will say literally anything to get votes and money for their campaigns. Even if it means standing on the graves of their dead relatives to make completely asinine and absurd comparisons," ZUBY tweeted in response to Uhlfelder. "Every time I think they can't stoop lower, they stoop lower. It's astonishing," he added in another tweet.

A tweet from another account declared, "Disgusting how you use your great grandparents as a prop for your political ambitions. Maybe crack open a book and learn what fascism is."

"Very sorry to hear that about your great grandparents, but you need a serious dose of reality bud," another tweet declared.

Uhlfelder has previously called DeSantis "a fascist." He has also claimed that the governor "loves Nazis."

"When Ron DeSantis says 'freedom' he really means freedom for rich, white, heterosexual men. It's about time Florida had freedom for everybody," Uhlfelder tweeted last month.

Uhfelder infamously showed up to beaches clad in a grim reaper costume in 2020, contending that it was too soon to reopen beaches due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grim Reaper in Walton County www.youtube.com

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