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Van Jones slams 'weird' speech by out-of-touch Democrat elites:  'I've never met a Latinx. I've never met a BIPOC.'

Photo by Kimberly White/Getty Images for GLAAD

CNN commentator Van Jones ripped into the Democratic party over the "weird" speech that elites are adopting and driving away regular working class Americans.

Jones made the comments on Friday while discussing the worsening polls for the Democrats and President Joe Biden ahead of the pivotal midterm elections in November.

"We're becoming a party of the very high and the very low," explained Jones.

"If you could pull out the working class, you got people who are very well educated and very well off. Those people talk funny. Latinx? I've never met a Latinx. I've never met a BIPOC," he continued, referring to the transgender approved euphemism for "Latino" and the acronym for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

"I've never met all this weird stuff that these highly educated people say, it's bizarre. Nobody talks that way at the barber shop, the nail salon, the grocery store, the community store, but that's how we talk now. So that's weird," he continued.

"And then the people who are very down on the economic ladder need a bunch of stuff. You wind up overpromising. 'Oh, we got to give you reparations' to people at the bottom of the economic ladder, talking weird to appeal to people at the top of the economic ladder," he added.

"And the working class walks away from you," Jones concludes. "That is the danger we're facing."

One recent poll found that only 2% of Hispanics referred to themselves as "Latinx" while another poll found that 40% of Hispanics found the gender-neutral term offensive. 30% of Hispanics said that they were less likely to vote for a politician that uses the term.

Hispanics losing interest in the Democrat Party is just one of its problems. Biden has hit historically low approval rates as the country continues to suffer the economic consequences of the lockdown from the pandemic and high inflation caused by the massive spending pushed by Democrats.

Here's the video of Jones' comments:

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