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Protesters make shocking admission when asked if they would trade President Trump for Venezuelan dictator Maduro


'Look, all the check marks are there'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

On Saturday, far-left protesters descended on Lafayette Square outside the White House to demonstrate support for Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro. Shockingly, many of the protesters admitted they would support Maduro over President Donald Trump.

As Venezuela plunges further into chaos, Maduro is on the brink of being forced out of power. In fact, most of the developed international community no longer recognizes him as Venezuela's president, instead opting for Juan Guaidó.

What did the protesters say?

At an event organized by "Hands off Venezuela," a group that protests international intervention in Venezuela, The Daily Caller's Stephanie Hamill had just one question: Would you trade Trump for Maduro?

Here's how the protesters responded:

  • "Yeah, 100 percent. I mean, I think Maduro was democratically elected." (This claim is internationally disputed)
  • "More than likely, yes, of course."
  • "If there's a Nicolás Maduro out here who is going to bring us to revolution, I will support that movement."
  • "Nicolás Maduro can come be our president? Oh, any day! Look, all the check marks are there. He's not white, OK? He's a minority, OK?"

None of the protesters Hamill spoke to were from Venezuela, however, each one expressed vehement disagreement with the Trump administration's decision to back Guaidó.

When Hamill asked the protesters if they demonstrated when the Obama administration acted against Venezuela, such as through economic sanctions, the protesters mostly dismissed what happened under former President Barack Obama's watch.

We Would Trade Trump For Socialist Dictator Maduro Say 'Hands Off Venezuela' Protesterswww.youtube.com

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