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VIDEO: Black Lives Matter militants march by outdoor diners — who make absolutely sure their fists are raised in solidarity


Is the training taking hold?

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @bgonthescene

As Black Lives Matter militants intimidate and bully more and more people, certain messages seem to be getting across — one of them being, "We own you. We'll do what we want to you. Do as we say, and maybe we'll leave you alone — but don't dare stand up for yourself, or you'll be sorry."

What's the background?

Who can forget the outrageous scenes in late August when leftist militants were caught on video harassing Washington, D.C., restaurant patrons because they refused to raise their fists in Black Lives Matter solidarity like other patrons seated around them?

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A viral video showed Black Lives Matter militants harassing elderly diners outside a Pittsburgh restaurant over Labor Day weekend, cursing at them and even taking a sip of a drink. Three of the alleged culprits were charged.

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It got worse in St. Petersburg, Florida, in late September when protesters harassed and threatened two elderly diners. One of the diners, a woman, made the mistake of battling back when a protester sat in a seat at their table — which resulted in the couple being surrounded. One protester was heard asking the other diner, a man, "Why don't you shut up? Who the f*** you think you're talking to?" The activist who stole the seat told the woman, "I'll knock your old-ass boyfriend the f*** out!" and accused her of being a "wild Karen in her natural f***ing habitat!"

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Also in September, Black Lives Matter protesters descended upon outdoor diners in Rochester, New York, forcing patrons to leave while smashing up tables and throwing chairs. Amid the terrifying scene, incredibly one of the BLM assailants yelled at retreating patrons, "There's no need to run! Nobody's hurting y'all! We're shutting the party down! Nobody's gonna touch you! Calm down!"

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Learning their lessons?

Which brings us to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the scene of yet another Black Lives Matter march on Sunday evening. Multiple media outlets had declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election against President Donald Trump the day before, but unrest was still in the air apparently.

Video journalist Brendan Gutenschwager recorded a clip of the BLM militants marching down a street — and four diners watching from the sidewalk and obediently raising their fists, apparently without having to be ordered to do so:

Well, one of diners lifted his palm skyward — but apparently that was good enough for the protesters.

In fairness, another video showed a number of diners who didn't raise their fists and weren't harassed for not doing so; and perhaps the diners who raised their fists actually agreed with the cause of Black Lives Matter and were only too happy to show their solidarity.

But still the Pavlovian response from the four diners indeed demonstrates how quickly bad news travels — and how speedily some learn the Ps and Qs of finding yourself in the middle of a left-wing protest.

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