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Video: Cameraman takes out climate activist who stormed on stage to disrupt live TV broadcast

Image Source: The Telegraph YouTube video screenshot

A viral video posted on social media over the weekend captured the moment a climate activist stormed the stage of a live television broadcast only to be knocked down by a quick-thinking cameraman.

On Friday, several climate protesters from the Restore Wetlands group attempted to disrupt a television broadcast on TV4 featuring the grand finale of Sweden's version of "Dancing with the Stars."

The climate activists, who were reportedly seated in the crowd, invaded the stage during a dance performance with Olympic skier Charlotte Kalla and her professional dance partner Tivuas Jarkssib.

One of the protesters held up a black and yellow sign demanding the restoration of the wetlands while a second protester threw yellow powder on the stage and into the crowd.

Eco activist hit by camera during Sweden’s Let’s Dance finaleyoutu.be

The activists invaded the stage briefly before a quick-thinking cameraman used a camera on a crane to knock down the activist who was holding up a sign. Videos capturing various angles of the takedown went viral online.

Security swiftly dragged the climate protesters off the stage while the dancers continued performing their routine in the background.

TV4 communications director, Charlie Forsberg, stated, "A number of people made it onto the stage. It was handled by on-site personnel and the police were quickly called to the recording, which expelled them from the venue."

Authorities later questioned three individuals on suspicion of vandalism, the Daily Mail reported.

After being kicked out of the venue, the protesters made a video statement regarding the incident.

"We want nothing more than to have fun and I also love to dance. Nevertheless, my future will be anything but full of fun," one of the protesters said in the translated statement, according to the Daily Mail.

"The situation is so urgent and we cannot sit in the audience and just watch when our lives are threatened by climate collapse," the activist added.

A Restore Wetlands spokesperson confirmed that the group was responsible for organizing the disruption. Friday's stage invasion was not the first time the organization interrupted a live broadcast.

"We are heading for a climate collapse and our politicians are only making the crisis worse by not acting. We are the last generation that has a chance to stop this death project," the spokesperson said. "We have been demonstrating for 30 years, but the politicians don't care."

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